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This study conducts a detailed assessment of the impact of the new axle load norms on the commercial vehicle (CV) Industry in India.
On detection of citation stacking, Thomson Reuters suspended the Impact Factor of four Brazilian Journals.
As physical impact tests are expensive, numerical models have been widely used to analyze the problems of vehicle-pier collision.
A nationally representative sample of 1000 men and women from across the four provinces was asked, "How much, in your view, is the impact of American election on your country, on issues such as economic progress, trade, peace etc.
Impact is primarily a measure of scientific utility, originality and merit determine the quality of an article, whereas journal impact factor (IF) is the indicator for a journal's performance.
Currently, researchers often use two kinds of simplified models to research the rockfall impact problems.
To overcome some of the issues with conventional impact modified POM, it would be advantageous to improve the compatibility between the POM polymer matrix and the impact modifier.
“We launched Impact Color to serve the visual marketing needs of ad agencies, hospital media & marketing, graphic designers, trade show companies, as well as the print marketing needs of small to large-size firms.
PROGRAMME: TARO NAW * Saving: pounds 221,000 * Impact: Major reputational risk at time when Welsh language broadcasting is being closely scrutinised.
Metablen S weatherable silicone-acrylic impact modifiers for high-performance rigid PVC applications such as sheet, profiles, and injection molding.
This study was undertaken to estimate the economic impact to the state of Tennessee and to Shelby County of the reduction in the influx of federal funds resulting from a substantial reduction in state TennCare funding.
The on-board electric impact wrench can't loosen the torque on these screws.
and Canadian universities, health care systems, and state and federal agencies--cautions that CEA likely will remain an imperfect tool that should be balanced with other objective and subjective considerations of a regulation's impact.
At the moment, CINAHL lists 547 nursing journals, only 39 of which are ranked by the ISI, and these generally have low impact factors.