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in an unalterable and unchangeable manner

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My hope is that the present essay, in which God is seen as immutably mutable and as the greatest conceivable being who everlastingly becomes, helps to remedy this imbalance.
The law of competition in business controls business relations as immutably as the law of gravitation controls matter.
Each transaction is immutably recorded using smart contracts managed on a distributed ledger, giving reserve owners liquidity prior to the reserves being refined and sold in the marketplace, while supplying peripheral investors with an instrument of financial leverage and flexibility, previously unavailable in any other form.
If you think about it, the most certain promise of death penalty is the collective nightmare of a people who will eventually wake up to realize that an erroneous death sentence is immutably and tragically irreversible.
Each block is chained to the previous block and immutably recorded across a peer-to-peer network, using cryptographic trust and assurance mechanisms.
25) This follows from our moral judgements being absolute: we perceive our moral convictions as immutably right; thus those who oppose them are simply wrong.
A] For I understand the substance of the whole man to be nothing else but the concept of him in the Mind of his Artificer, Who knew all things in Himself before they were made; and that very knowledge is the true and only substance of the things known, since it is in that knowledge that they are most perfectly created and eternally and immutably subsist.
What I couldn't get over, what stayed me continually, was the irreconcilable trick of looking at someone so vital, so immutably present and exquisitely responsive, and yet so indelibly, utterly gone.
To prevent tampering and other fakery, all test generators and scoring systems should run in a common secure cloud, and all tests and results should be immutably archived there for future validation.
In this sense, fluid counter-publics, can help resolve issues pertaining to the representation of the spectacle of women's sexual suffering and victimisation immutably in public opinion, while others can simultaneously reinforce it.
But Cohen's point is that human nature, far from being immutably selfish, is both institution and context dependent.
Here, while "for a wonderful instant the eternal destinies alternating immutably in time and space" (LB 151), (33) the moonbeams illuminate the prairie enough to see "an army that hurled throngs of horsemen with their lances couched, sharp-pointed and gleaming" (LB 151).
People think that categories exist immutably in real world; that alternatives are two, either/or; that identities are firm and fixed, and that predicate is a quality of the subject.
Third, and most important, our unique justice system, dedicated as it is to allowing every American person and company its day in court, would be immutably changed in the area of patent litigation.
It has taken some time for Western powers to realize that not only their methods of war fighting and stabilization, but also their campaign design and doctrines, cannot be treated as immutably superior, and they have been forced to change constantly as operations unfolded.