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If people are considered to be immutably self-interested, then only measures that appeal to their self-interest can be contemplated when seeking to influence their behavior in policy-oriented directions.
However, this dichotomy is not to be seen as inflexible and immutably fixed but, on the contrary, as undergoing constant renegotiation as people engage with the world and with other people.
They are immutably ruled by the civilised good-nature of their ancient spirit.
When he first approaches the commissary ledgers which contain the fragmented and compressed (highly imagistic) legacy of his familial history, Ike mistakenly believes that "what the old books contained would be after all these years fixed immutably, finished, unalterable, harmless.
The Highway Users immutably supports the principle that motorists and truckers should pay for the full cost of constructing, maintaining, and administering our roads and bridges, as they have since 1956," said William Fay, president and CEO.
Representative Schuyler Colfax, Speaker of the House, explained that he "`love[d]'" the Fourteenth Amendment "`because it is the Declaration of Independence placed immutably and forever in our Constitution.
25) The often negative reception of Katz's parodies by fellow Jews working in the entertainment industry made it clear that in the 50s the memory of such theories--racialized anti-Jewish discourse and the belief in the immutably impure racial alienness of the Jew--was still a viable factor within the American ethno-racial imagination.
98) The absolutist formulation of the state as an immutably defined territorial entity is reflected in Chief Justice John Marshall's famous 1812 declaration in Schooner Exchange v.
There is a primordial divine nature, the divine as it exists immutably and contains the possibility of all forms of being, and an expressive divine nature, the creativity which gives rise to finite forms of value in time.
The thesis that society is subject to natural laws," he goes on, "is ideology if it is hypostatized as immutably given by nature" (355).
5) According to people in Amaya, the extent of these domains is defined and, consequently, immutably fixed in time and space by a number of historical narratives.
Inevitably, there resides in some readers an unfocused desire to maintain the Mark Twain myth which casts him immutably in the role of the humorous, cigar-smoking writer and entertainer who pokes fun at himself, the literary establishment, and -- always a target -- American politicians.
It is to these that the cannon of the Decrees of Gratian refers, where it is said that the "natural law begins from the very beginnings of rational creatures, nor does time change it, but it is immutably permanent" - and this I concede.
But Cohen's point is that human nature, far from being immutably selfish, is both institution and context dependent.
With respect to immutability, those courts rejecting heightened scrutiny for gays and lesbians note that the scientific evidence remains unclear on the question whether sexual orientation is immutably set at birth or determined at a later point in time, whether by environment or choice.