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53) The claim was that of George Oliver, made after an excavation convinced him that Templar-sponsored immurement took place at Temple Bruer: see his History of the Holy Trinity Guild at Sleaford .
Finally, during the immurement of Murrash Zenebisha, which in the context of the plot is figured more as a punishment for the crime of trying to sabotage the bridge's construction than as the immurement of an innocent victim, the wall itself is feminized.
The details of this scene--the emotional and spatial proximity Abraham describes; the almost voyeuristic interest on Effrem's part in Mary's virginal integrity; Abraham's economic dispossession of the underage Mary counterbalanced by his negotiations with Effrem about their future spiritual investment of her; the unprecedented anchoritic immurement of an eight-year old child (49)--stand in stark contrast to the kinds of freedom canonesses at Gandersheim would have expected for the women in their foundation, young to old.
Kadare explores the symbolism of the bridge spanning a river called "Wicked Waters" in great detail, but he also alters the powerful myths of foundation sacrifice through immurement to investigate the nature of the modern era of capitalism.
Yezierska does not go so far as to make her Salome a murderer, but she does put an end to Sonya's immurement by committing what some might deem social suicide: she divorces Manning.
16) On the other hand, the name of Julius Muir is related both to Poe's work and to the events in Oates's story: whereas "Julius" evokes an unfinished travel narrative by Poe, "The Journal of Julius Rodman"--Muir dislikes traveling--"Muir" echoes both the walls in which Poe's fictional wife, and cat are immured and also Julius's literal and metaphorical immurement in his own body.
The story of Anne Catherick's and then Laura Fairlie's enforced immurement in and subsequent escape from an institution echoed popular nineteenth-century tales of escaped nuns, especially given the resemblance between their white clothing and a nun's habit and veil, and the frequent analogy that Protestant polemicists made between convents and lunatic asylums.
Schmidt is unbelievably naive, presumably from his immurement in an ivory tower.
My project, resisting the effect's immurement in postmodern literary studies (witness Richardson 34-37), proclaims its transhistoricality.
Most curious is a ghost-surrogate burial ritual involving the immurement in the drainage hole of a wall of a specially manufactured reed puppet (see below).
The glass of Amontillado he drinks is suggested by Poe's own narrative of morbid immurement.
Meanwhile, to encourage leasing activity and, at the same time, to facilitate the Immurement of capital goods for development activity, the Government provided leasing companies with facilities in the form of exemption from import duties and from other import levies, i.
With The Three-Arched Bridge, Kadare returns to the mythical fountainhead of Albania's haunted history to bring to life one of the most awesome motifs of Balkan legendary, that of immurement.
In a final instance of metaphor making, Larrain fixes the camera's inexorable stare for six minutes on a Poe-like act of immurement.