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Sanberg H, Roman L, Zavodnick J, Kupers N: The effect of smoking on serum somatotropin, immunoreactive insulin and blood glucose levels of young adult males.
Adeponectin is a better predictor of endothelial function of the coronary artery than HOMA-R, body mass index, immunoreactive insulin, or triglycerides.
Plasma glucose, free fatty acids, and immunoreactive insulin in sixty-six obese children.
Immunoreactive insulin was measured in heparinized plasma by double antibody RIA with Sepharose attached to the second antibody for separation by decanting (PhRIA100; Pharmacia Ltd).
39) for tertile 3, compared with tertile 1 after adjusting for age, fasting immunoreactive insulin, diabetes status, ASFA, alcohol consumption, regular physical exercise and smoking habit.
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