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the property of eliciting an immune response

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The stage 2 will include nearly 400 individuals, including adolescents and children, vaccinated to further evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine regimen across different age groups.
product quality & immunogenicity reviewer at FDA, will give a regulatory perspective on how product quality attributes of biotherapeutics affect immunogenicity
BiondVax examined the immunogenicity (HAI) antibodies in each blood plasma sample and found significantly increased level of protective antibodies against the H3N2 strain in the samples taken from participants that received the M-001 vaccine in comparison to the control group.
Antitope will use its EpiScreen technology, a highly accurate and sensitive ex vivo human T cell assay to determine the potential immunogenicity of the antibodies provided by Synthon.
Antitope undertakes immunogenicity testing of antibodies and other proteins, engineering of antibodies and proteins to reduce their immunogenicity, and development of manufacturing cell lines.
We are delighted to be working with such an innovative organisation as ChemomAb to generate novel therapeutic antibodies suitable for repeat dose treatments of chronic inflammatory diseases, said Dr Matthew Baker, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Antitope, adding, "This agreement combines ChemomAb's proprietary therapeutic targets and candidate non-human antibodies with Antitope's antibody humanisation and immunogenicity technologies to create powerful new treatments for inflammatory diseases.
Factors that favor the formation of AABs include a long interval between doses, the intrinsic immunogenicity of the specific agent, and the trough level of drug (low trough levels encourage antibody formation).
The confusion arises around the tests have to be developed in order to get approval to develop a drug with a suitable level of immunogenicity.
The interim data from 225 vaccinated patients has revealed good safety and tolerability of the vaccine as well as robust immunogenicity by antibody induction, the company said.
of Oxford, UK) as a primer on this new technology and its application to the computational prediction of immunogenicity, the ability to induce a specific immune response when a pathogen is exposed to initial surveillance by the immune system.
Information provided by the assay is useful for designing proteins with either enhanced immunogenicity (e.
Phase I trials (300 participants) were performed to establish immunogenicity and tolerability of a range of doses of monovalent HPV L1 vaccines.
These data show that "lead enhances the immunogenicity of two nervous system proteins," the team concludes, and supports the hypothesis that lead's neurotoxicity traces to "production of autoantibodies against neural proteins.
This Phase 1, single-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation study was conducted to assess the safety and reactogenicity and immunogenicity of CMB's HAC1.
SQI's Strength in Immunogenicity Testing Featured In Multiple Presentations