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possessing the ability to elicit an immune response

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The expression of a potent fusogenic glycoprotein is intended to greatly increase tumor killing potency, result in highly immunogenic cell death, and to be highly synergistic with immune checkpoint blockade.
SQI lately successfully finished development of a series of multiplex anti-drug antibody ( ADA ) assays for Global Pharma 1 to detect and measure immunogenic responses to the drug during its pre-clinical development as part of the first phase of the project.
Some examples of other immunogenic tumors include ovarian cancer, head and neck cancers, melanoma, various lymphomas, and tumors induced by cancer viruses, and renal cell tumors.
The study participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups: the novel vaccine group (1,941 patients), those receiving the standard subunit trivalent inactivated vaccine that is poorly immunogenic in children (1,773 patients), or a control group receiving non-influenza vaccine (993 patients).
In this first direct comparison of an AS03B adjuvanted split virion versus whole virion non-adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine, the adjuvanted vaccine, while more reactogenic, was more immunogenic and, importantly, achieved high seroconversion rates in children aged less than 3 years.
The vaccine is immunogenic and antigen dose-dependent induction of antibodies has been confirmed for all three proteins, the company said.
Neogenix's portfolio includes MAbs that recognize cancer-specific immunogenic proteins derived from specific tumor systems.
Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Land and Water Conservation (Syndey, Great Britain) has patented a method is provided of producing an immunogenic complex comprising a heat shock protein (hsp) coupled to a heterologous antigenic polypeptide, which method comprises: (a) expressing the antigenic polypeptide in a cell which cell has been subjected to a stimulus which causes the induction of a heat shock response in said cells; and (b) recovering the antigenic polypeptide coupled to one or more hsps from said cell or the culture medium.
In a small study, vaccination with an immunogenic HER/neu peptide led to lower breast cancer recurrence in a subset of high-risk women.
It should be easily administered at or soon after birth, and be safe, immunogenic and effective at all ages and in all populations.
The technology supports the practice of inserting genetic material from the disease-causing virus or parasite into a "vehicle" called a vector, which then delivers the immunogenic material directly to the immune system.
Assuming that most immunogenic entities generated in the course of infection contain a mixture of all 3 transmembrane proteins, most M2e may be taken up by HA- and NA-specific B cells, leaving little or none for B-cell receptor-mediated uptake and processing by M2e-specific precursor B cells.
A secondary response can occur at some later date following a subsequent immunogenic stimulus.
Studies in women with both gestational diabetes mellitus and pregestational diabetes showed that the short-acting analogues lispro (Humalog) and aspart (Novolog)--created by switching amino acids to make simpler molecules that break down faster at the injection site--effectively normalized postprandial glucose values, did not cross the placenta, and were not more immunogenic than regular insulin.