white blood cell

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As indicated, neutrophils are usually the first type of immunocyte found at the site of injury.
In the gut, IgA originates mainly from local tissue immunocytes, especially in the lamina propria of the intestines.
Evidence for nitric oxide production and utilization as a bactericidal agent by invertebrate immunocytes.
Butler JE, Kehrli ME Jr, Immunoglobulins and immunocytes in the mammary gland and its secretions.
It is increasingly recognized that fat is not merely an energy store, but that adipocytes may directly produce immunomodulatory factors, or adipose tissue may harbor activated immunocytes.
Proinflammatory cytokines (eg, TNF-[alpha], IL-6) released by HIV-infected immunocytes, or by the adipocytes themselves when exposed to these HIV-infected cells, may lead to increased apoptosis (programmed cell death).