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a neoplasm of lymph tissue that is usually malignant

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Subclassification of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas according to the Kiel classification: distinction of centroblastic and immunoblastic lymphomas is a significant prognostic risk factor.
Cancers associated with Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) in AIDS: a link between KS herpesvirus and immunoblastic lymphoma.
A proposal for a simple staging system for intermediate grade lymphoma and immunoblastic lymphoma based on the 'tumor score'.
13,14) Significant decreases have been detected for immunoblastic lymphoma in some studies, (4) but not others.
Immunoblastic lymphoma and multiple myeloma represent widely disseminated disease of monoclonal origin containing a single form of EBV and alterations of 1 or more oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes (eg, N-ras, p53, or c-myc).