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identification of a substance (especially a protein) by its action as an antigen

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The only automated AMH immunoassay to use a recombinant human antigen, the Access AMH assay gives patients and healthcare providers consistent and dependable results.
To successfully manage risks associated with biotin interference, clinical laboratory professionals can benefit from a better understanding of vitamin supplementation trends, therapeutic uses of biotin, the prevalence of biotin-based immunoassays, immunoassay designs, biotin interference mechanisms, and strategies to mitigate this inference risk (such as the use biotin-free assays).
Fleet is an industry-leading expert in all aspects of immunoassay design, development and validation, with extensive know-how in immunoassay development for biotech, pharma and clinical diagnostic applications.
The immunoassay analyzers are used in hospital and clinical laboratories to run automated biochemical tests to detect the presence and concentration of substances in the clinical samples.
For each immunoassay, there was statistically significant lot-to-lot variability in the false-positive and false-negative rates, which were calculated as the number of false-positive results divided by the total number of positive results and the number of false-negative results divided by the total number of negative results, respectively.
In a typical immunoassay, a sample such as blood, saliva or urine is taken from a patient and added to small glass vials containing antibodies that are designed to "capture" or bind to biomarkers of interest in the sample.
The summary includes the concentration of each drug in the unknown sample and the number of laboratories with a present or absent response for each immunoassay technique.
4] values by the third trimester according to one immunoassay, but only about 15% of pregnant women have that result using a different one, Dr.
4] immunoassays aren't reliable in subgroups of patients with disturbances in binding proteins, Dr.
Serological cross-reactivities between antibodies to simian virus 40, BK virus, and JC virus assessed by virus-like-particle-based enzyme immunoassays.
Key words: antibody, brevetoxin, detection, ELISA, immunoassay, neurotoxic shellfish poisoning, PbTx, seawater, serum, shellfish, urine.
The use of immunoassay is comparatively new to the food industry, but because of its ease of use, it will undoubtedly become a standard method in the areas of food safety, food manufacturing, and quality assurance.
com/research/638vb4/quantitative) has announced the addition of the "Quantitative Immunoassay Life Science Dashboard Series 2 (North America & Europe)" report to their offering.
8bn market for immunoassays and the finding was made in Kalorama Information's report Immunoassay Markets.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of endocrinology consumables and disposables for ahrr: Kit for Radio immunoassay of