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Synonyms for immunize

Synonyms for immunize

law: grant immunity from prosecution


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perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

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Striking an optimistic note about wiping out the disease, the minister said "eliminating polio is not an impossible mission in view of the government's interest in meeting all needed conditions for immunizing children against polio and other serious diseases.
Table-4 shows the various reasons reported by the mother for not immunizing the child.
Thus, convenience, physician vaccine knowledge and encouragement, and vaccine availability are strong factors for immunizing parents and close family contacts in the pediatric office.
In addition to flu shots, pneumococcal shots for pneumonia were offered at the flu clinics and are available from Rite Aid immunizing pharmacists and can be administered at the same time as a flu shot.
By immunizing the host with stem cells, we are able to 'fool' the immune system to believe that cancer cells are present and thus to initiate a tumor-combating immune program," the expert added.
So, until there are more compelling data to show that immunizing males will protect large numbers of females, the right thing to do is to immunize the people we are trying to protect--girls and women themselves.
What's most innovative about the honeypot scheme, Kephart says, is the shadow network that would transmit the immunizing messages.
Thompson favors waiting to perfect the vaccine before immunizing people.
McQuillan of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and her colleagues said doctors need to be more aggressive about immunizing.
The point of immunizing physicians is "to prevent transmission of influenza to patients who may die if they're infected," said Dr.
Immunizing children in Southeast Asia: a critical appraisal of current EPI status and future prospects.
However, tetanus toxoid is one of our safest and most effective immunizing agents.
More Than 7,000 Rite Aid Certified Immunizing Pharmacists Will Administer Flu Shots Nationwide
Because we have a captive audience of the parents who spend so much time in the NICU, we started immunizing them to provide protection for their high-risk children.
Fortunately, when the flu vaccine shortage occurred our immunizing pharmacists and providers had already received a supply of vaccines from Aventis Pasteur," points out Kevin Tripp, executive vice president of operations and pharmacy.