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Synonyms for immunize

Synonyms for immunize

law: grant immunity from prosecution


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perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

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Through its more than 26,000 certified immunizers, Walgreens provides more flu shots every year than any organization except the federal government.
Walk-ins are welcome, but Hight recommends that people call ahead to make vaccination appointments because not all pharmacists at the store are certified immunizers.
An expansive network of more than 27,000 licensed or certified immunizers has enabled Walgreens and Take Care Clinics to cater to the busy schedules of today's consumers, by offering flu shots and other health care services when it's most convenient for them," Crawford said.
Part of the company's commitment to positioning its pharmacists as immunizers was the creation of a team of specialized trainers.
Other investigators have explored the views of nurse immunizers, (26) parents of adolescent girls, (27) and adolescent girls themselves (28) on consent to HPV immunization in England where the legal context of adolescent consent is similar to that of Ontario.
For example, during the last cold and flu season, Winn-Dixie had just over 400 trained immunizers among its pharmacy ranks.
Specially trained and certified Cub pharmacist immunizers will be available to administer flu shots to adults at most Cub Foods locations, by appointment, during regular pharmacy hours, the chain said.
Licensed and certified pharmacist immunizers in Florida are also able to administer flu vaccine, which Walgreens offers daily at all of its stores throughout the flu season.
H-E-B pharmacists are certified immunizers and focus not only on the flu but on such other heath conditions as hepatitis A and B; HPV/ cervical cancer; measles, mumps, rubella (MMR); meningitis; pneumonia; shingles (herpes zoster); tetanus, diphtheria; pertussis (Tdap); and varicella.
Licensed and certified pharmacist immunizers may now administer the following vaccines in Massachusetts, all of which are available at Walgreens, to adults 18 years of age and older:
Rite Aid pharmacists, all certified immunizers, are available to consult with customers.
Walgreens network of more than 26,000 certified immunizers has demonstrated our unique capabilities to provide a wide range of CDC-recommended vaccinations when it's most convenient for our patients.
The company has created the largest retail network of certified immunizers, with more than 27,000 pharmacists and clinicians providing flu shots and other immunizations.
H-E-B pharmacists are certified immunizers, administering flu shots for adults and children age 7 and older.