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Synonyms for immunize

Synonyms for immunize

law: grant immunity from prosecution


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perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

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Giving district-vise detail Akbar Khan said that 2230 teams will works under 148 area in-charges In Peshawar, who will immunize 8,33000 lakh children.
These visits represent an opportunity to immunize parents or other adult caregivers with minimal disruption for both the adults and the practice," Dr.
26 Prosecutors should ensure that the commanders and staff officers they advise do not inadvertently immunize service members suspected of criminal offenses.
He said there are enough doses of vaccine to immunize every child in the region.
So the reasons to immunize males will likely have more to do with protecting males against the diseases they get, rather than protecting women from cancer.
Soon, however, NIIP received the first of 2 crippling blows to hopes to immunize "every man, woman, and child.
Following the announcement of the shortage and the request by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] to immunize only people in the high-risk groups [such as infants, the elderly and patients with compromised immune systems] we reallocated our vaccines to ensure that we would have flu clinics in every market.
Westlake Village banker Jim Parson recently returned from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where he took part in a mission to immunize children from polio.
Its expressive element no more immunizes its functional aspects from regulation than the expressive motives of an assassin immunize the assassin's action.
By eliminating interest rate risk, investors can immunize the bond against future interest rate changes.
Probably two shots will be required to fully immunize someone against H5.