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having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease

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Most parents are doing the right thing and making sure their children are fully immunised, but some simply forget to take this important step.
He also urged religious scholars, elected representatives, NGOs and local community to make this campaign successful by involving their all possible efforts so that the children of whole district could be immunised against this crippling disease.
This is called herd immunity where you may immunise 100 children but more than 500 will benefit from it as the entire population that comes in contact with the immunised children will develop immunity.
If you think your child may not be immunised, book an appointment.
Scots NHS boards will offer it to those who have not been fully immunised.
They were also asked whether they felt that the health professional that had last immunised their child was both 'knowledgeable' and 'competent'.
However, adults can also catch measles if they have not had it before or have not been immunised against it.
Children show off their painted fingers after being immunised against polio in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia PICTURE: Jean-Marc Giboux
If not immunised, one in 15 children will end up with severe chest infections, convulsions or inflammation of the brain.
Three hundred North youngsters were immunised at an emergency clinic yesterday after a mumps outbreak at their school.
A trawl through local health records showed that only 65 per cent of youngsters had been immunised.
They might be fortunate enough to have a mild case,but they're taking a chance with their child's and that of others too young to be immunised.
96% immunised against diphtheria, tetanus and polio
But a spokesman for the Department of Health said: "After looking at all the evidence, our advice remains to have your child immunised.
However, he stressed the importance of children being immunised against the diseases, particularly measles.