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the act of making immune (especially by inoculation)

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She further said that since 2000, Gavi has contributed to the immunisation of an additional 500 million children and the prevention of approximately 7 million future deaths.
Immunisation Awareness Week starts on Monday and aims to promote childhood immunisation and provide information to parents to improve the uptake of immunisations.
Summary: DUBAI - Individuals will soon be able to receive e-alerts reminding them of scheduled immunisation appointments for their children and themselves.
The event took place just ahead of European Immunisation Awareness Week, which runs until May 1.
Ministry of Health (MoH) senior adviser of public health medicine Alison Roberts says the NIR was implemented to improve immunisation coverage rates.
In 2010, the department conducted a study to assess the immunisation services in Dubai in terms of quality, safety, accessibility and identified opportunities for improvement.
Despite health facility immunisation coverage figures that exceed 95%, the Western Cape Province (WC) of SA experienced a major measles outbreak in 2009/2010.
This came on the eve of a scientific conference about immunisation, which was organised in connection with World Immunization Week, by the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health today in Sharjah.
This is the part of the first standardised comprehensive immunisation policy, imposed by the federal healthcare provider, Dubai Health Authority .
In response to this research, the makers of Calpol have launched a new Immunisation Support Pack, which contains free resources for parents to help calm their fears.
Dr Ali Al Marzouqi, director of public health and safety at DHA, told Gulf News that a multi-national population mix in Dubai meant that many parents preferred to follow the vaccination schedules tailored for their home countries and this was affecting the national immunisation programme.
The widespread implementation of immunisation programmes over the past 30 years has led to a dramatic reduction in illness and death due to vaccine-preventable diseases.
Government-commissioned research into why parents and caregivers don't complete preschool immunisations shows that in most cases they are not opposed to immunisation but circumstances can get in the way.
The demand for flu vaccine is growing rapidly as both consumers and governments recognise the health and economic benefits of immunisation.
ISLAMABAD -- World Immunisation day will be observed on 10 November because globally $35 billion will be required for immunization in the next ten years to save an additional ten million lives.