immune response

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a bodily defense reaction that recognizes an invading substance (an antigen: such as a virus or fungus or bacteria or transplanted organ) and produces antibodies specific against that antigen

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Overall, the findings suggest that estrogen boosts women's immune response to flu vaccines and testosterone lowers men's immune responses to the vaccines.
By precisely targeting these immunotherapies to the lymph nodes, Amphiphiles can unlock their full potential to generate and amplify anti-tumor immune responses. This substantially enhanced anti-tumor functionality and long-term protective memory may someday unlock the full potential of the immune response to eliminate cancer.
Tempering the development of Tr1 cells and carefully reducing their activity to suppress the immune response may help patients to recover faster from certain diseases.
The company stated that its DNA vaccine combination had produced some of the highest overall levels of immune response rates ever recorded in the history of HIV vaccine studies.
The MIT researchers aimed to modify alginate to prevent it from triggering this immune response. They created a library of nearly 800 alginate derivatives and evaluated the immune response to each of them, ultimately focusing on one called triazolethiomorpholine dioxide (TMTD), which provoked minimal immune response in mice and large animal models.
* The report provides brief overview of Immune Response BioPharma, Inc.
"The discovery of SPMs and the role they play in resolving immune responses and for chronic health concerns relating to healthy aging offers healthcare professionals a new approach to patient care," said John Troup, PhD, chief science officer of Metagenics, Inc.
"In general, the lower the temperature, it seems the lower the innate immune response to viruses," noted Iwasaki.
Some combinations of vaccines actually potentiate the immune response, meaning the antibody response is greater when multiple vaccines are given together compared to when each vaccine is administered at separate times.
Scientists have developed a vaccine that boosts immune response against HIV.
The adaptive immune response, marked by antibody production, is clearly coregulated by activity of the innate immune response.
The cellular response provides rather anti-angiogenic and proapoptotic effects, a dominance of the humoral immune response has been regarded as favourable for tumor progression - although also the opposite has been observed.
A new study of prostate tumors has shown that a gene, FOXO3, suppresses activation of cells related to immunity and thus leads to a reduced immune response against a growing cancer.
Effects of Hypnosis on the Immune Response: B-Cells, T-Cells, Helper and Suppressor Cells.