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Synonyms for immoral

Synonyms for immoral

Synonyms for immoral

deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong

not adhering to ethical or moral principles


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It contests directly the pieties that too often characterize discussions of English Renaissance revenge plays: that revenge is immoral, unethical, and crazed, and that forgiveness is sublime.
They hardly need convincing that their sexual orientation is a natural aspect of their identity, not an immoral choice or a pathological aberration.
His wife persistent indulgence in immoral acts infuriated him and he opened fire on her and as a result Sadia Bibi died on the spot.
Mayor Denny Refol of Altavas, Aklan, was ordered suspended for six months over immoral conduct after he was found to have fathered a child from another woman.
RAWALPINDI -- Police operation against anti-social elements have arrested 20 including three kite flyers and eight allegedly involved in immoral activities besides recovering 3620 grams charras, 70 liters liquor, a 30 bore pistol with 14 rounds, a 32 bore revolver, Rs 155,000 cash, 18 kites, nine kite flying string rolls and others items from their possession.
20 lawbreakers including eight for immoral activities netted -- 0 lawbreakers including eight for immoral activities netted
The Punjab government said that public dancing was an immoral act which strays away from religious norms.
The credible sources have disclosed that during the investigation arrested gang confessed murder, kidnapping and other immoral incidents.
To say something is immoral naturally implies a universal standard of right and wrong exists which we all agree on.
cid=sm_npd_ms_tw_ma) appeared on NBC to say that the proposal was "grotesquely immoral.
292 or Administrative Code of 1987, a 'disgraceful and immoral conduct.
Sadly, immoral conduct is held in high esteem by a relatively large segment of Egyptian society.
Summary: Police urge public to report unlawful, immoral activities
Summary: Man claims he was locked in parlour for 10 minutes while helping inspectors to investigate complaints of immoral activities
Lahore -- The Lahore High Court on Monday issued a notice to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) in connection with airing immoral drams and films by a private television channels.