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Synonyms for immodest

Synonyms for immodest

Antonyms for immodest

having or showing an exaggerated opinion of your importance, ability, etc

offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance

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The black, red and gold Lotus E21 decided to remain defiantly immodest, retaining the distinctive step of its race-winning predecessor from 2012, although the team did not rule out a future makeover.
Al-Kilani expressed sorrow over what has become with Libya with these immodest deputies, while Le Pen expressed sorrow over the fact that an Islamic winter emerged following the Arab spring, due to the blindness which affected the West.
Dancing on the road, or wearing immodest clothing, is also banned.
I don't want to sound immodest, but there's hardly any competition in the women's divisions.
Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, the International Committee of the Red Cross, all agree that [the West Bank] is occupied territory, it is highly immodest for this committee to say otherwiseC*"
They start amusingly enough as caustic Claude Littner tells Ricky that his immodest self-assessment is "probably the most crass obnoxious infantile" statement he has ever read.
And of course it was, in that immodest way the moon can have, Although I
Bulman, "'To gain the language, 'tis needful that the most immodest word be looked upon and learnt': Editing the Bawdy in Henry IV, Part Two" (145-65); Stanley Wells, "Extremes of Passion" (166-82); Alexander Leggatt, "Shakespeare and the Indifference of Nature" (183-97); Randall Martin, "Pauline Cartography, Missionary Nationalism, and The Tempest" (198-217); Hanna Scolnicov, "Lear's Conversation with the Philosopher" (218-34).
When we asked Prakash Jha about this unusual method of promoting the film, he chose to be immodest.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai Courts will prevent women from entering courtrooms wearing immodest dress and will advise them to cover up their bodies well without hurting the feelings of others or infringing the local traditions.
One can reach very immodest places on the Internet and people will write in a text message lewd things which they would not dare say aloud.
Second, the piece read like the kind of prose you see in a corporate annual report (and sometimes on a sports page): immodest, self-congratulatory and largely devoid of any disinterest, objectivity or redeeming social value.
Strong gains in broadcasting revenue helped offset modest declines in publishing income (as well as some immodest expense gains) to help Journal Communications Inc.
Clough's assessment of the match was typical immodest.
This prompted Purdue University student Jennifer McCreight to organize "Boobquake," an event that garnered international media attention by urging women to wear immodest clothing on April 26 to test Sediqi's theory.