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Synonyms for immobilization

a cessation of normal activity, caused by an accident or strike, for example

Synonyms for immobilization

fixation (as by a plaster cast) of a body part in order to promote proper healing

the act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement

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Immobilization service, removal and deposit of vehicles in municipal offices of the city of barakaldo.
From April 20-24 2018, CIVCO will present ESSEBI's TOTIM immobilization products in booth #2100 at the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) Congress, in Barcelona, Spain.
The leading-edge CIVICO trUpoint ARCH SRS / SRTprovides superior immobilization for a variety of brain, head and neck radiotherapy treatments, while the Body Pro-Lok ONE SBRT Immobilization System, helps keep the patient in a completely still state, allowing for accurate position of the target.
The findings conflict with those of some prior smaller studies and contradict a widely held belief in the benefit of immobilization, which is usually carried out while the patient is in a supine position with the knees raised, Joukje van Rijswijk, MD, reported at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.
In this paper, PVA-GA interpenetrated network is proposed as a support for Con A covalent immobilization and for PpeG immobilization via entrapment to be employed for glycoconjugates and PpeL purification, respectively.
Recently, there has been a rising interest in use of naturally occurring polymers in immobilization of enzymes as a support material [17-19].
Spinal immobilization is achieved using a long backboard (LBB) and a combination of rigid or semi-rigid cervical collar (CC) in most emergency medicine systems worldwide (4, 5).
Group B was given immobilization stress by keeping them in wire mesh restrainers locally fabricated consisting of 10 compartments.
US-based radiotherapy patient positioning device maker Qfix's Encompass SRS Immobilization System has received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA for stereotactic radiosurgery, the company said on Friday.
Enzymes have been utilized in a large number of practical applications, particularly in biomedical and biotechnological fields, through immobilization on a variety of supports.
A common approach in dealing with this is through immobilization on solid support [1,3-11].