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  • verb

Synonyms for immobilise

hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation


Related Words

to hold fast or prevent from moving

make defenseless

convert (assets) into fixed capital


Related Words

prohibit the conversion or use of (assets)

cause to be unable to move

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We hope that by residents enrolling onto Immobilise and displaying the attached warning notices, thieves will realise that all valuables in a given street or district will be marked and therefore of no value to them.
The free Immobilise property registration service is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime," said Chief Inspector Andrew Williams from North Wales Police.
With this technology when a stolen car comes to a stop a signal can be sent to the car which immobilises the vehicle or sets off an alarm, even without the keys," he said.
Northumbria Police Supt Mick Paterson said: "I'd like to remind people that it's important to take a few moments to take a note of the serial number and register with immobilise where an image can be uploaded and the serial number recorded.
uk/crimeprevention, while people are urged to sign up to Immobilise at www.
Residents are urged to get bikes, phones, electricals, tools and other valuables registered with free property logging website immobilise.
Traction is also used to align and immobilise fractures of the vertebrae in the neck when any movement of the vertebrae might damage the spinal cord.
To find the right number for your network, call the Immobilise Information Line on 08701-123-123.
The force has adopted the Immobilise system, a property registering scheme which aims to make life as difficult as possible for thieves.
It's important that we encourage people to play their part in helping to reduce crime by taking steps to not only protect their property but use the free service Immobilise," Vera said.
Officers also encouraged members of the public to register their property on immobilise.
The communications watchdog ComReg does not have powers to immobilise hoaxers' mobile phones even though their mobile numbers are logged.
Officers will help bike owners log their cycles on Immobilise, the online property registering database, while people will also be able to get a range of crime prevention advice and speak to officers about any concerns they have.
The Immobilise campaign coincides with the introduction of new laws which will see mobile phone thieves facing up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine for those convicted of reprogramming mobile phones,now a serious criminal offence under the new Act.
Crime prevention advice is a key part of the campaign and police are encouraging people to register valuable items with the national property database immobilise at www.