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the measurement of hearing


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measuring sensitivity of hearing

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Monitoring audiological evaluations during treatment and the one- and three-month follow-up evaluations include case interview, otoscopy, and immittance audiometry as well as air conduction pure tone and objective testing [73].
(0.25-8 kHz) and bone treatment (25 from LDE [32] conduction audiometry, group and 14 new cases immittance audiometry, after treatment and speech audiometry modification) 8, low dose, blocks 25, low dose, extended treatment 13, high dose, short treatment Number of patients Study who developed ototoxicity Malgonde et al.
All subjects had normal immittance audiometry results.
Immittance audiometry was used to determine the integrity of the tympanic membrane and the middle ear/ossicular system.
Case history interviews and immittance audiometry (tympanometry 226-Hz probe tone) were routine procedures conducted on all participants diagnosed with hearing loss.