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(chemistry, physics) incapable of mixing

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In immiscible polymer blends, two glass transitions, coincident with those of the plain polymers, are usually observed.
Finite element modelling of multiphase immiscible flow in deforming porous media for subsurface systems", Computers and Geotechnics, 24: 41-63.
Magnetohydrodynamics instability of interfacial waves between two immiscible incompressible cylindrical fluids.
1, immiscible displacement leads to non-equilibrium conditions for values of [P.
Third, the lubricant needed to be immiscible with the liquid to be repelled.
2] injection revealed that immiscible condition was perhaps not as viable as miscible process for the conditions investigated.
The additives also increase the compatibility of PMMA and ABS base resins with glass and natural fibres, rubber particles, thermoplastic elastomers and polymers such as polyamides with which they are normally immiscible.
listed on the OTC Bulletin Board(R) (OTCBB) (ticker: "PLNU"), holds the patent rights to this mechanical process for mixing immiscible plastics.
In non-thermal EOR, there are two types of gas injection, miscible gas injection and immiscible gas injection.
listed on the OTC Bulletin Board(R) (OTCBB) (ticker symbol "PLNU"), owns the patent rights associated with a mechanical/chemical process through which multiple immiscible thermoplastics can be blended.
The first layer comprises a mixture of a polypropylene and a second polymer immiscible in the polypropylene, to provide a weakened interface between the first layer and the second heat-sealable layer.
1963) but their concern has been with the immiscible displacement of one fluid by another and this can be analysed by relatively simple theories.
Additionally, the M-110EH-30 now comes standard with a ceramic chamber that will allow flow rates up to 450 ml/minute at 25,000 psi, allowing for more efficient processing of pharmaceutical formulations, fine chemicals, and biological material ranging from simple oil-in-water emulsions to highly immiscible solids-in-liquid suspensions.
Early olivine, pyroxene, chromite and immiscible sulfide formation cause compatible elements (e.
Waterless urinals employ a cartridge with immiscible fluid to remove the requirement for flushing water.