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Synonyms for imminence

the act or fact of coming near

Synonyms for imminence

the state of being imminent and liable to happen soon

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concept of imminence, to which I will return below.
Taska brilliantly brings to the forefront the contradictions inherent in idealism, secrets, and nationality, showing the imminence of disaster that accompanies every pen stroke, every train ride, when one lives under the surveillance of a dictatorship.
He also noted that clergymen should take up the theme of the Centenary celebration of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, The Imminence of His Coming and boldly tell the power brokers in the nation about the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Given the imminence of the election now just four weeks away and with major figures in the PML-N now officially out of play one has to wonder whether the party is going to be able to find appropriate replacements that will be up and running by election day.
The poem intertwines English and Spanish words to showcase the tragedy and imminence of losing familial bonds and cultural heritage in a foreign country.
LAST month's first pedestrian death by driverless car will have pushed back the imminence of the autonomous vehicle.
The panel added: "Clinical opinions indicate the risks you pose are manageable in the community and lack imminence."
'The establishment of a Timbangan ng Bayan Center in all public markets nationwide will provide the buying public an effective means of checking the accuracy of the weight and quantity of the goods they are buying while, at the same time, discouraging dishonest vendors to commit any irregularity because of the imminence of getting caught in flagrante delicto,' Arroyo said.
Mr Clarke said he has had no warning of "either the scale or imminence" of the "devastating" restructure announced by ICL on Thursday during meetings with the firm.
The imminence of the danger is so apparent that the President has to move and act swiftly and out of the box,' he said.
For example, McKinsay points to the imminence of transport's electrification; hybrid and fully electric vehicles will account for 30% of new car sales in the world by 2030.
Despite their holdings, Key's and Randolph's discussion of third parties' intent and actual misuse of information indicates that those elements are relevant to the imminence analysis.
In this way, the issuing companies are able to predict the rating emitted by agencies of ratings and consequently, the imminence of a future reclassification of this mentioned rating.
This extension comes amid warnings from Western governments on the imminence of further terror attacks over the holidays.