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Synonyms for immerse

Synonyms for immerse

to plunge briefly in or into a liquid

to occupy the full attention of

Synonyms for immerse

enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing

cause to be immersed

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The second major difference is the fact that attending class while working full time immerses students in a literal living laboratory where ideas that were presented the night before get tested the next day when solving a thorny problem.
This dual approach took some chemistry: The team had to synthesize strands of oligoaniline, modify both ends of each strand to include a chemical group that sticks to gold, coat a gold electrode with a forest of the molecules, and finally immerse the molecule-bedecked electrode in sulfuric acid.
The authors say their experience shows that "Few are intimately familiar" with the Book of Common Prayer, few immerse themselves in its rituals or view them imaginatively (98).
Rather than setting one's sights on rapid completion of the degree, graduate students should take the journey slowly, immerse themselves in the experience, and revel in "the getting there.
BOSTON -- Vordel, the API Server provider connecting business, mobile and cloud, today announced it is hosting a free half day Immerse workshop in San Francisco on Wednesday, October 3.
To immerse it (Mandala) in the Ganges signifies that it is made with a lot of effort.
Worshippers ready to immerse one of the idols during the ceremony
Revealing that the more children are allowed to be absorbed in play, the more they are able to realize imaginative skills and immerse themselves in the adult world.
But you know, our company [Lepage's theater troupe, Ex Machina], when we immerse ourselves in new work, sometimes things like this happen.
But Pearce is like Depp in that he seems to immerse himself in a role.
The Vordel Immerse workshops are targeted at enterprise architects, software engineers, technical managers and network administrators and will provide them with reference architectures and best practice tips for securing and integrating Cloud, mobile and APIs in their businesses.
The fourth collection of poems by Jared Carter, Cross This Bridge At A Walk intersperses verse with the rare snippet of musical notation, allowing for a deeper combined experience for those skilled at reading music without disrupting the poetic flow for those who prefer to immerse themselves in words.
It is then slid backwards and raised to close and immerse the sample.
Simply immerse a sterile laryngeal mirror into the glass beads for 3 to 5 seconds, then allow the mirror to cool for a few seconds before examinations.