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to plunge briefly in or into a liquid

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The idea Fiat justitia, el pereat mundos, "Let justice be done, though the world perish" it is not, at least in a very first moment, a feasible nor realistic situation in countries and communities immerged in process of transition.
Throughout the whole isolation procedure, the hearts and arteries were also immerged in an ice-cold oxygenated Kreb's solution.
In order to sort particle size, which may reflect the density, the seeds were soaked in a basin of water and immerged for 30 minutes.
The samples were weighed beforehand and immerged face down 3 mm deep in demineralized water.
Some of the pilot projects and new ideas immerged (listed below) need to be components of the Council/ Institute and should be initiated immediately.
Guatemala has recently immerged from years of internal armed conflict.
having our thoughts, driven century by century, immerged and fixated, with a type of ecstatic immobility, in that marvelous past, once again Italy feels its entire life flow again, hasty and strong, towards its heart.
For example, differences immerged on completion of assignments, learning in class, understanding speakers' ideas, starting conversations, knowing word meanings, summarizing and making judgments, planning before writing, and writing to describe ideas.
From simple coffee facts to delicious coffee recipes, you'll be immerged in this sweet beverage in no time.
After collection, all of the root samples were immediately immerged into liquid nitrogen and then stored in a deep-freezer until analysis.
All swabs were extemporaneously squeezed in sterile brain-heart infusion broth (BioMerieux, Marcy-l'Etoile, France) with 10% glycerol, immerged in liquid nitrogen within 6 hours, and stored at -80[degrees]C until processing.
Three socio-demographic characteristics that immerged, as indicators of likely entrepreneur activity were 1.
Having recently strengthened its board of directors, Tidelands has immerged a solidified financial corporation with secure long-term revenue streams.