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Synonyms for immensely

Synonyms for immensely

to an exceedingly great extent or degree


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He chaffs her tremendously about her radicalism, and he is so immensely clever that she can't answer him, though she is rather clever too.
That tickled the lads immensely, and nothing but the appearance of a slight refection would have induced them to stop chaffing the poor Worm, who could not see anything funny in the beautiful resignation he had shown on this trying occasion.
Indeed the big look increased immensely, and when he had tied his apron on, became quite gigantic.
I thought so too, and I took him out for a walk next morning, and we talked immensely, understanding one another to perfection.
Immensely tall she looked to me from my low station in the coracle.
He must have been immensely in advance of most of the thinking and feeling of his day, for people then used to accuse his sentimental pessimism of cynical qualities which we could hardly find in it now.
Really, the largest green leaf in this country is a dockleaf; if one holds it before one, it is like a whole apron, and if one holds it over one's head in rainy weather, it is almost as good as an umbrella, for it is so immensely large.
He spoke so kindly, and opened Hans Andersons's fairy tales so invitingly before me, that I was more ashamed than ever, and went at my lesson in a neck-or-nothing style that seemed to amuse him immensely.
It took his fancy immensely, and he put it on his mantlepiece as an article of virtue, so it was rather a failure after all.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 28 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday expressed happiness on the achievements made by non-resident Indians (NRI) and said they are not only serving the countries they are residing in, but are also contributing immensely to India.
Somebody I adore, I respect a lot and love immensely.
a r e immensely proud to are from and the said of the officers In the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing which saw 22 people killed by a suicide bomber, safety in our cities has been brought to the fore once more.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the apprehensions he had were expressed with federal minister for water and power that fragile and unreliable transmission network may collapse the power supply during Ramzan, and people of Sindh would suffer immensely.
Dad Les, who flew out to Townsville Hospital, said: "There are many and varied reasons why we are, and always will be, immensely proud of Tom.
The partnership is focused on offering Omlis unique mobile encryption architecture across key market sectors in the UK, delivering convenient, elegant, immensely secure and trusted mobile commerce or data experiences across the UK m-commerce ecosystem.