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Synonyms for immediateness

the quickness of action or occurrence

lack of an intervening or mediating agency


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Furthermore, Hecker, Chesney, Black, and Frautschi (1988) presented the evidence that hostility, immediateness, and competitiveness were related to coronary heart disease.
The death of a parent, child, sibling, or spouse are the most significant relationships by which the immediateness of bereavement is defined.
The sense of immediateness that leads us to invest enormous resources to rescue a child trapped in a well, without regard to utility calculations or the relative wellbeing of others who could benefit from our attention, also calls for the slice-of-time perspective in allocating certain care to both the terminally ill and the elderly.
Following Condorcet, Urbinati argues that, by magnifying the often hasty and ill-conceived decisions of the electorate, the immediateness of direct democracy makes it inherently unstable.
the immediateness of their connection as upon their logical
In addition, when measuring the activities, interests and opinions of interviewees (lifestyle), the author has found, in order of importance, the following: pursuit of status, intellectual development, family appreciation, leadership, optimism degree, conservativeness degree, immediateness degree, and professionalism degree.
For instance, a three layer model proposed by Atkinson (1998) that shows the immediateness and the remoteness of factors contributing to a defect, suggests that actions directed at the primary causes will only have a partial, or no effect upon the elimination of deliberate violations.
In this way Pato plays at breaking the pact normally ascribed to poetry, as it is seen as a space of immediateness and enunciative presences.