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Synonyms for immediateness

the quickness of action or occurrence

lack of an intervening or mediating agency


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However, it is possible to reduce the characteristic openness of an interrogative sentence by means of certain linguistic mechanisms like expressions of immediateness and falling intonation, supported by gesturing.
A media studies class might investigate an assertion made in the novel that movies and radio (and other popular media) lose something compared with the immediateness and communal experience of the Chautauqua performance.
The transaction] may comprehend a series of many occurrences, depending not so much upon the immediateness of their connection as upon their logical relationship.
Such anachronies (or "contemplative moments," as Paul Ricoeur [1990, 144] calls them), when indicative of the immediateness of chiliastic religious experience, become Perennial due to their emphasis on ecstatic states of consciousness.
between the camera and the viewers creates a sense of immediateness, of
It treats its subjects with an immediateness that makes them seem to live and breathe" (318).
5) The frequent changes between past and present tense serve as a means to alter the narrative frame of the poem: when told in present tense, the poem gains a momentary dimension of haste and immediateness.
place on points on them, we loose the interactivity and immediateness of a DGS.
The key to understanding Dionysius is the methodical acceptance of the literary fiction involved in reading an author who tries to recreate the immediateness of the first encounter of pagan wisdom and Christian doctrine.