immediate apprehension

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immediate intuitive awareness


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We try to find a balance between the need for immediate apprehension and the safety of the entire motoring public.
The initial pursuing agency provides information, including the initial crime, aggravating factors, and the need for immediate apprehension.
Plant owner EDF has defended the site's security measures, saying in a statement they "were strengthened in late 2011 (to) allow detection and immediate apprehension of the perpetrator".
She never uses direct observation, the immediate apprehension, permitted by the neural link of the queue.
On the final question, Achinstein opts for the term "dissent" as a "loose way [to] designate what can be generalized in habits" about a diverse groups but held together by "a Protestant belief in the immediate apprehension of the divine; and a refusal to partake in compelled religious ceremonialism" (10).
The quick results from this cooperative effort demonstrate to others contemplating a similar hoax that the outcome to be expected is immediate apprehension and prosecution.
However, it is unlikely to mean the immediate apprehension of Rezala by the French authorities.
However, it is important to insist that the most interesting situations are those where the shared anxiety does not appear to be a response to an immediate apprehension of harm.
Vives and his other colleagues in moral theology were now examining problems of passion in a fashion that was more discriminating than that of earlier fathers of the church, acknowledging that the moral subject, the subject of rational reflection, is always a step away from immediate apprehension of the world, which is really first achieved through the bodily senses, through passion, and through the imagination.
Its object is immediate apprehension with the minimum of eviscerating analysis.
He appealed to the local police to intensify its monitoring to abate this "modus operandi" and to increase check-points for the immediate apprehension of lawless elements lurking at night.
Further, our immediate apprehensions of intrinsic value are ethically motivating: they can lead us to sound moral judgment which affirms the good, independently of self-oriented desires.