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The crisp, fresh mountain air outside the cave acted as an immediate tonic and I felt new life and new courage coursing through me.
Similarly, Muhammad Arif Hanif awaiting posting is transferred and posted with immediate effect and until further orders as DIGP Sindh Reserve Police against an existing vacancy.
The treatment protocols for immediate loading using the classical indications with cross-arch stabilization are demonstrated step by step in an easily understandable manner.
3) With immediate implant placement becoming increasingly predictable as the parameters for successful treatment outcome with considerably reduced treatment time and increased patient compliance.
For the purposes of this paper, the working definition for an immediate endosseous implant is extraction of a natural tooth followed by immediate placement (within the same surgical procedure) of an endosseous dental implant.
8220;We selected Practice Velocity for the Physicians Immediate Care clinics because of its excellent software functionality and its strong experience in multi-site, multi-state urgent care operations,” said Blaylock.
2 : occurring or existing now <There is no immediate danger.
Dulisse, assistant professor of financial planning at The American College, said that only about 5% of annuities sold are immediate annuities, and of them, only about 5% are immediate variable annuities.
Fixed immediate annuity: As the simplest type, a fixed immediate annuity is appropriate in a variety of eldercare situations.
In particular, some markets actually are seeing increased immediate annuity sales.
Karen Harrington, NCTM, is the MTNA South Central Division immediate past president and former division secretary and president-elect.
In response to the group's demands for an immediate infusion of $500 million into the sector, Ontario Social Services Minister, Sandra Pupatello said that those demands "sounded reasonable" as long as it was spread out over the first term of the government.
The fact that the bourgeois family was discursively grounded in affection raised the question: was it more 'loving' to ensure the child's immediate happiness or his long-term security?
Previous studies have linked instructor verbal immediate communication with such beneficial outcomes as student motivation (Frymier, 1994), student learning (Frymier & Shulman, 1995), decreased communication apprehension (Ellis, 1995), and willingness to talk (Menzel & Carrell, 1999).