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Synonyms for immediacy

lack of an intervening or mediating agency

immediate intuitive awareness

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the quickness of action or occurrence

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Film and photography present a continuation of the immediacy.
4) Interpersonal attractiveness, the degree to which others respond positively toward one another, can be improved by using immediacy behaviors.
The immediacy here is a direct involvement in the moment and the moment's desire--this is the "first" immediacy.
This article extends this analysis by exploring the adoption trajectories and uses of social media and satellite technologies in these news-gathering and transmission contexts, and reworks it by considering how these technologies afford immediacy.
The use of teacher immediacy behaviors by teachers can be one way of creating this type of environment in the classroom (Velez, 2008).
The importance of this resilient mobility becomes clear in the next two chapters that explore in turn local modes of immediacy and intimacy.
As such, scholars have an obligation to better understand how instructional immediacy affects the military student population, especially if the effect is unique to that of civilian learners or if military students perceive different cues to be immediate than those cues have been identified as immediate by civilian students.
Teacher immediacy might be the most researched and popular concept in instructional communication research and has been found to play an essential role in increasing student learning, but it is still unclear if it is also the most effective predictor of student affective learning.
Keywords: Immediacy, Challenge Behavior, Instructional Communication
According to the company, the portal, built using Immediacy Web Content Management 6.
Mediasurface reports that key benefits of Immediacy WCMs 6.
He lays out the contours of immediacy and considers some of its broader cultural implications, particularly in reference to the telemediation of everyday experience and the commodification of culture.
For this study, teacher immediacy in the online classroom has been operationalized as non-verbal teacher communications that foster psychological closeness and acknowledge student feelings in a timely manner.
Factors such as immediacy, perceived caring, and communication apprehension in the teacher-student relationship are investigated.
We cannot stress the immediacy for these recommendations," said Renee Sabol, chairwoman of the 15-member group, which was mandated by state legislation.