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(32) This immeasurability quandary leaves such programs open to criticism and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
The RGO Kinetheodolite was moved to the South African Astronomical Observatory, where it was operated most successfully for 12 years, thanks largely to the efforts of Walter Grimwood who accompanied the Kine when it was moved to South Africa after having operated it at RGO, and it provided a wealth of observations on over 40 000 transits and contributed vitally to the accuracy and immeasurability to the reliability of orbit determination.
Recalling the development of the fractional-order SMC/TSMC/NTSMC methods over the past few years, almost all theoretical studies and practical applications have focused on the full state feedback control strategies, which, however, may be unsuitable in many practical applications due to the immeasurability of the full states.
In addition to disrupting the categorical distinction between man and animal, the very nature of psychological torture underscores the immeasurability of many aspects of human rights abuses.
These point toward an interpretation that deals with a system of relationships between microcosm and macrocosm, between our human dimension and the immeasurability of the universe.
(44) Abhinavagupta recognizes that the extent to which a rational account is impossible is in direct proportion to the immeasurability of the Infinite Other.
(51) See Richard Ganis, The Politics of Care in Habermas and Derrida: Between Measurability and Immeasurability (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2011); and Kenneth McLaughlin, Surviving Identity: Vulnerability and the Psychology of Recognitwn, Concepts for Critical Psychology (New York: Routledge: 2011).
* The divine being (primary and essential attributes of God: sufficiency, underived existence, unity, infinity, immeasurability, eternity, life)
This essay argues for a revised approach to animal ethics that combines Levinasian immeasurability, the disposition Matthew Calarco describes as 'ethical agnosticism', with a closed approach that sees ethics as embodied in particular modes of practice.
He offers as an example the narrator's reverie as he stands on the scaffold, awaiting his hanging: There are in the great world whirls of fluid and vaporous existences obtaining in their own unpassing time, unwatched and uninterrupted, valid only in their essential un-understandable mystery, justified only in their eyeless and mindless immeasurability, unassailable in their actual abstraction; of the inner quality of such a thing I might well in my own time be the true quintessential pith.
They envisage an affective power, which no longer works with prescription and defense but works "in conjunction with the force of affect, intensifying, multiplying, and saturating the material-affective processes through which bodies come in and out of formation." These essays explore a new way of attending the social in "perpetual and unruly movement, whether codified in terms of the 'autonomy 'of affect or the 'immeasurability" of affect (162).
Rather than expand the legibility of the "human," as critics such as Judith Butler encourage, Lewis and Kahn affirm the illegibility and immeasurability of the non-human as a creative resource for imagining non-exploitative common life.
Egyptian-American Dahlia Elsayed explored the limitness and immeasurability of space in determining identity.
The specific Kantian language of the sublime - abysses, expansion, infinity, immeasurability - is prominent in Petersburg, not surprisingly since Bely was a student of Kant.
Companies are faced with risk factors characterized by uncertainty, immeasurability and low ability to forecast.