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complete irrelevance requiring no further consideration

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Whichever horn of the dilemma Aquinas takes, the ultimate problem that confronts him is the compatibility between the immateriality of thinking and the individuality of thinking.
Then again, as we always observe: immateriality means never having to say you're sorry.
After viewing these magical bowls, it is tempting to reach the entirely paradoxical conclusion that Annen's real material is not porcelain but the 'unreal' immateriality of light.
Yet, the emphasis on Moholy-Nagy besides other pioneers of experimentation at the school is distinctive here because of architectural critic Jonathan Hill's remark on establishing a connection with his ideas in terms of immateriality.
Both are meant as an everyday means to more complex information-age conditions, modes and paradigms, such as: precarity, reflexivity, contingency, immateriality, hybridity, heterogeneity, failure/glitch, repurpose/hacking.
Indeed, it often appears that it is not only 'Elijah who held a firm belief in the immateriality of existence (37), but also Stern.
Given the arguable immateriality of music, the metaphors of queerness, and the physicality of closet within the video series, the "archival knowledge" of Kelly's closet could arguably register as both a physical space of sexual record and a lateral epistemological process.
The study of the transmission of material affect must, as Blackman points out, account for the immateriality of what is transmitted.
I wonder, for example, if the difference between Avicenna's and Sadra's positions concerning definition of knowledge in terms of immateriality is exaggerated.
But we can envision circumstances where properly accounting for LCM might be a nonissue due to obvious immateriality (e.
Internet pornography demands the reconception of pornography as information, and as subject to the logic of the democratization of information and to new fantasies of immateriality.
For example, a decade after the first Hackers' Conference, John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for digital rights, wrote an article that he entitled "The Economy of Ideas" for Wired (the technology magazine that initially named McLuhan as its patron saint and shared several editors with Brand's Whole Earth Catalog) in which he describes information as an activity, a life form, and a relationship, emphasizing its immateriality, interconnectedness, and dynamic flux:
Recent work by Blanchette (2011) examines the wider materiality of some of our most basic digital technologies, especially the computer, and rejects what he calls the trope of immateriality.
New materials such as silicone, cellophane paper, and fiberglass reference the immateriality of a fantasy underwater world.
Among their topics are essence and existence in the Islamic East during the 11th and 12th centuries, Avicenna's metaphysics in the Medieval Hebrew philosophical tradition, an attempt at periodizing the Latin reception of Avicenna's metaphysics before Albertus Magnus (1200-80), immateriality and separation in Avicenna and Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus (1265-1308) and Avicenna on what it is to be a thing.