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the state of being within or not going beyond a given domain


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Semiotics: from immanency to transcendency (matters of style).
14) Then Steven Goldsmith effectively completed a dialectic when he argued, in Unbuilding Jerusalem: Apocalypse and Romantic Representation (1993), that Blake's radical immanency reflects nothing so much as the central idea under which liberal-democratic culture has been staging political debate since Paine: namely, the notion that representation is equivalent to action, as if freedom of speech and actual freedom were one and the same, or as if speaking, writing, and reading amounted to political doing.
The District Court, however, reviewed the Petition on the merits because of the immanency of the extradition hearing and the expectation that Appellant would refile the habeas petition correctly under 28 U.
See especially chapter seven of LeConte, Evolution, "Some Logical Consequences of the Doctrine of The Divine Immanency" in which LeConte asserts that "Divine immanency carries with it the solution of many vexed questions.
In either case, the opportunity is to see how the problem of conflict, of contradiction, of differentiation undergoes an ontological change once conceived in terms of its divergent and convergent expression as tendencies within a folded immanency rather than as the discrete objects that form part of a strict dualism.
These findings are in sharp contrast to the FCC's fears expressed in the weeks following WorldCom's disclosure as to "the immanency of possible collapse.