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Synonyms for immaculateness

the state of being spotlessly clean


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The moral immaculateness of Cooper's character was central to Murray's muscular Christianity: there permeates an intrinsic belief that natural matter (the body) is ontologically bound to the spirit (the mind).
What struck me about this exhibition of Jim Nutt's works (perhaps it had something to do with the tidy elegance of the installation) was not the monstrousness of his figures, to refer to their place in the so-called Chicago monster roster, or to their supposedly "hairy" (who) character, in the slang sense of that word--difficult, frightening, or risky--but rather the immaculateness of their execution.
connotes a purity, virginity, freshnesss and immaculateness which excites by the possibilities of possession and defilement" (p.
But this manuscript, in view of its exceptional immaculateness, must have been recopied from an earlier draft.
Unlike in "The Best China Saucer," the delicacy of china embodies Louisa's own sense of self, its immaculateness is a tangible proof of her sensibility.