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Synonyms for immaculateness

the state of being spotlessly clean


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The immaculateness of the white marble, the impeccable beautification, costly gemstones utilized and its picturesque area, all make Taj Mahal travel pick up a place among the most mainstream ones.
fundamentally it is unadulterated by nature, the immaculateness of water is lessened with the defilement of different sources, for example, chemicals, contaminations and a few natural materials.
According to the university sources, the motivation behind presenting nutritious and hygienic mineral water Safe Life" was to guarantee immaculateness to give the solid way of life.
Yet what's underneath such crisply tailored immaculateness? The counselor starts the movie dependent on other people to do his will, so he is inactive, basically just waiting and hoping.
The immaculateness of both genetic and foster mother's white cheek patch was related to the strength of chick's immune response suggesting that this was due to both nurture and genetics.