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  • adj

Synonyms for imitative

Synonyms for imitative

copying another in an inferior or obsequious way

imitating sounds

Synonyms for imitative

marked by or given to imitation


(of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound

not genuine

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New Delhi [India], Feb 9 ( ANI ): The past five years have seen a rise in employability in higher education from 33 to 45 percent, a report drafted by a joint imitative of Wheebox, a global talent assessment company, PeopleStrong, an HR tech company and the CII stated.
13 (BNA): At the initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of HM the King, President of the Supreme Council of Women and Chairperson of the Consultative Council of the National Imitative for Agricultural Development, the second edition of 'The King Hamad Award for Agricultural Development' was launched during a press conference at Isa Cultural Centre today.
Legare and her colleagues examined imitative and innovative behavior in children between the ages of four and six.
Anglers using imitative patterns continue to do well.
antiphonal choirs), and these three pieces, from composers of different countries and decades in the Renaissance, provide an interesting comparison of different ways to approach imitative textures.
Khalil Saqr Bin Gareeb, Director of Corporate Communication at Dubai Customs, said that Dubai Customs employees showed their full support once the imitative was announced.
Monody, homophony, falsobordone, and imitative polyphony are combined in many of them, for example Hie est vere martyr, which also includes refrain-like repetitions, a feature of a number of these pieces.
Amin, who was taking part in "Sekbet Ramadan (Ramadan Meal)" an imitative marking the holy month of Ramadan, said the government is providing around 80 per cent of the aid and encourages voluntary initiatives in the Syrian society.
Ambassador Halima renewed support of the Arab League to imitative which was launched by President of the Republic on comprehensive national dialogue in Sudan, calling on political forces, and armed movements to response and participate in dialogue to address the national issues.
The forum also expressed the urgency for polio eradication imitative to save the future generations.
Hadi stressed the importance of supporting Yemen, particularly after the successful conclusion of the National Dialogue Conference, indicating that Yemen needs assistance to completely implement the GCC-brokered imitative and the two UN Resolutions 2014 and 2051.
Spoonful of Sweetness" is a delectable, sturdy pasteboard book for very young children (age 0-2) that promotes excellent qualities by encouraging children to play imitative games that promote the capacity for such desirable traits as empathy, respect, responsibility, friendship, kindness, and courage.
But social neuroscience (and cognitive psychology) has shown just how imitative we humans are.
Salim Kalsekar, managing director of Rasasi Perfumes, said: "The perfume industry is growing significantly in the region, and it is easy to find imitative fragrances.
Concerning the Turkish Foreign Minister's Thursday visit to Yerevan, Melkonyan said that it was part of Turkey's imitative