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Synonyms for imitation

Synonyms for imitation

the act, practice, or art of copying the manner or expression of another


imitative reproduction, as of the style of another

a usually amusing caricature of another

an inferior substitute imitating an original

made to imitate something else

Synonyms for imitation

the doctrine that representations of nature or human behavior should be accurate imitations

something copied or derived from an original

copying (or trying to copy) the actions of someone else

not genuine or real

References in classic literature ?
Suppose, I answered, that a just and good man in the course of a narration comes on some saying or action of another good man,-- I should imagine that he will like to personate him, and will not be ashamed of this sort of imitation: he will be most ready to play the part of the good man when he is acting firmly and wisely; in a less degree when he is overtaken by illness or love or drink, or has met with any other disaster.
As I was just now saying, he will attempt to represent the roll of thunder, the noise of wind and hall, or the creaking of wheels, and pulleys, and the various sounds of flutes; pipes, trumpets, and all sorts of instruments: he will bark like a dog, bleat like a sheep, or crow like a cock; his entire art will consist in imitation of voice and gesture, and there will be very little narration.
Every year in the world, imitations of various products continue to grow and tend to become a major social problem.
Synopsis: In "Mortal Imitations of Divine Life: The Nature of the Soul in Aristotle's De Anima", Eli Diamond (Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada) offers an interpretation of De Anima, which explains how and why Aristotle places souls in a hierarchy of value.
Realistic imitations are allowed for display in a museum or gallery, for theatrical performances, film and TV production and historical re-enactments.
The first indication that all three pebbles were imitations was revealed when examining them with a loupe.
Imitations of the Self: Jiang Yan and Chinese Poetics
They strike us as presenting visual imitations of whatever they "see." In this sense they appeal to us as do artistic imitations--we see something of our own imitative nature in them.
So when some backstreet operator runs up imitations and sells them in rundown market stalls, the manufacturers are naturally furious as such imitations strike at the heart of their mystique.
The imitations performed are improved compared with the mentioned work in the sense that the robot gives its own interpretation and it does not reproduce any pre-established execution.
Abdul Rahman Saeed and Abdul Razak Mutnak, both owners of shops which sell imitations, say that imitations are cheaper and are more affordable.
PC Mick Walters, crime reduction officer at Chace Avenue police station, said: "While you may be able to tell these guns are imitations by holding them, by sight they look like the real thing.
Ken Yorston, Powys County Council's assistant trading standards manager, said "Many of these imitations were being sold amongst toys, and the challenge for Trading Standards and the police is to work with the trade to ensure offending items are removed from the supply chain and don't fall into the wrong hands."