imitation leather

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fabric made to look like leather

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While the main focus of the revamp is on the exterior, there are changes inside the car too - like a new interior package in crystal grey, including a fresh leather/fabric combination for the seats and black imitation leather for the instrument panel.
This attractive imitation leather bound volume presents collected excerpts from the works of famed travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux (The Great Railway Bazaar, Mosquito Coast).
Discovered Everyday Companion, a fan-generated database of all their shows, setlists and lyrics; I bought a DVD of Live At Oak Mountain (August 12, 2000) on which the song Imitation Leather Shoes made its way semi-permanently into my mind, and by 2002 I'd found two more live albums - Another Joyous Occasion and Live in the Classic City (a three-night run in their home town of Athens).
The sample charges related to 15 different products found in the shop, including bogus Chanel purses and Chloe handbags, which had been made with imitation leather.
The handbag is described as brown imitation leather with pockets either end.
The PVC is heat resistant and inflexible, therefore, it is widely used for pipes and construction materials and cable insulation and imitation leather.
I for imitation leather mag basket, pounds 15, (www.
Fur, knits and imitation leather are combined with sequins, studs and hard zips to create interesting textures while animal prints give the garments an edge.
A process to make soft touch components with a decorative film, fabric or imitation leather finish with foam-in-place cushioning that can vary in thickness has been developed by Swiss toolmaker Georg Kaufmann Formenbau.
I've made Juan nine or 10 costumes now, including an imitation leather one, which wasn't as difficult to work with as I thought it would be.
For the young at heart, add a wonderful splash of colour to your garden with Zanotta's famous Sacco imitation leather easy-chairs, pounds 221 each.
Sacco imitation leather easy-chairs, by Zanotta: pounds 221 each; Egg Hanging Chair, by Pierantonio Bonacina - pounds 1,205
What makes the case odder still is that Rossi had already secured this registration in an appeal against an earlier rejection of its SISSI ROSSI mark for leather, imitation leather and leather goods.
The hand-tooled imitation leather creations were specially designed for the 23-year-old Texas-born singer by Stella McCartney.
And the keyboard, mounted on an imitation leather shelf, is a cheap Bontempi electric organ purchased secondhand in Geneva.