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Synonyms for imitation

Synonyms for imitation

the act, practice, or art of copying the manner or expression of another


imitative reproduction, as of the style of another

a usually amusing caricature of another

an inferior substitute imitating an original

made to imitate something else

Synonyms for imitation

the doctrine that representations of nature or human behavior should be accurate imitations

something copied or derived from an original

copying (or trying to copy) the actions of someone else

not genuine or real

References in classic literature ?
Such, then, are the differences of the arts with respect to the medium of imitation.
Or, if the poet everywhere appears and never conceals himself, then again the imitation is dropped, and his poetry becomes simple narration.
The priest came, having his daughter's ransom in his hands, supplicating the Achaeans, and above all the kings;' and then if, instead of speaking in the person of Chryses, he had continued in his own person, the words would have been, not imitation, but simple narration.
In saying this, I intended to imply that we must come to an understanding about the mimetic art,--whether the poets, in narrating their stories, are to be allowed by us to imitate, and if so, whether in whole or in part, and if the latter, in what parts; or should all imitation be prohibited?
Then the same person will hardly be able to play a serious part in life, and at the same time to be an imitator and imitate many other parts as well; for even when two species of imitation are nearly allied, the same persons cannot succeed in both, as, for example, the writers of tragedy and comedy--did you not just now call them imitations?
If then we adhere to our original notion and bear in mind that our guardians, setting aside every other business, are to dedicate themselves wholly to the maintenance of freedom in the State, making this their craft, and engaging in no work which does not bear on this end, they ought not to practise or imitate anything else; if they imitate at all, they should imitate from youth upward only those characters which are suitable to their profession-- the courageous, temperate, holy, free, and the like; but they should not depict or be skilful at imitating any kind of illiberality or baseness, lest from imitation they should come to be what they imitate.
As I was just now saying, he will attempt to represent the roll of thunder, the noise of wind and hall, or the creaking of wheels, and pulleys, and the various sounds of flutes; pipes, trumpets, and all sorts of instruments: he will bark like a dog, bleat like a sheep, or crow like a cock; his entire art will consist in imitation of voice and gesture, and there will be very little narration.
Neither are comic and tragic actors the same; yet all these things are but imitations.
And human nature, Adeimantus, appears to have been coined into yet smaller pieces, and to be as incapable of imitating many things well, as of performing well the actions of which the imitations are copies.
Indeed, she rehearsed that exalted part in life with great satisfaction to herself, and to the amusement of old Sir Pitt, who chuckled at her airs and graces, and would laugh by the hour together at her assumptions of dignity and imitations of genteel life.
The problem of imitation revolves around the basic principle of business morality.
An imitation does not merely repeat its model, however, but glosses, completes and deciphers it; exploring these imitations, therefore, will produce a fuller understanding of them and the plays they inform.
The dozen or so books that Lebensztejn has published since Zigzag only confirm the diversity of his interests and singularity of his intellectual position--whether in his impressive work on the philosophy of imitation and the link between neoclassicism and romanticism, L'Art de la tache: Introduction la Nouvelle Methode d'Alexander Cozens (Editions du Limon, 1990), or in his reflections on music, based on a madrigal by Monteverdi, in lmiter sans fin le chant de I'aimable Angelette (Editions du Limon, 1987).
Imitation crab meat has become popular with Thais who are increasingly flocking to Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.
To ensure the rTMS pulses were not stimulating motor paths causing interruption in the imitation task, a visuomotor control task was designed.