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Synonyms for imitate



Synonyms for imitate

to take as a model or make conform to a model

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

to copy (another) slavishly

Synonyms for imitate

reproduce someone's behavior or looks

appear like, as in behavior or appearance

make a reproduction or copy of

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Then the same person will hardly be able to play a serious part in life, and at the same time to be an imitator and imitate many other parts as well; for even when two species of imitation are nearly allied, the same persons cannot succeed in both, as, for example, the writers of tragedy and comedy--did you not just now call them imitations?
If then we adhere to our original notion and bear in mind that our guardians, setting aside every other business, are to dedicate themselves wholly to the maintenance of freedom in the State, making this their craft, and engaging in no work which does not bear on this end, they ought not to practise or imitate anything else; if they imitate at all, they should imitate from youth upward only those characters which are suitable to their profession-- the courageous, temperate, holy, free, and the like; but they should not depict or be skilful at imitating any kind of illiberality or baseness, lest from imitation they should come to be what they imitate.
Then, I said, we will not allow those for whom we profess a care and of whom we say that they ought to be good men, to imitate a woman, whether young or old, quarrelling with her husband, or striving and vaunting against the gods in conceit of her happiness, or when she is in affliction, or sorrow, or weeping; and certainly not one who is in sickness, love, or labour.
Neither should they be trained to imitate the action or speech of men or women who are mad or bad; for madness, like vice, is to be known but not to be practised or imitated.
Neither may they imitate smiths or other artificers, or oarsmen, or boatswains, or the like?
Nor may they imitate the neighing of horses, the bellowing of bulls, the murmur of rivers and roll of the ocean, thunder, and all that sort of thing?
But there is another sort of character who will narrate anything, and, the worse lie is, the more unscrupulous he will be; nothing will be too bad for him: and he will be ready to imitate anything, not as a joke, but in right good earnest, and before a large company.
There is another art which imitates by means of language alone, and that either in prose or verse--which, verse, again, may either combine different metres or consist of but one kind--but this has hitherto been without a name.
Despite the fact that he, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, told us that his nation would imitate the errors of the disbelievers, he also stated that a group of his nation will firmly adhere to the truth until the Hour comes.
President Trump went on to imitate Prime Minister Modi by folding his hands and taking on a soft and serious tone, "He said it beautifully, he is a beautiful man and he said I just want to inform you that we have reduced it to 75 and we have further reduced it to 50.
Senior administration officials said that the President has been known to affect an Indian accent and imitate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in an Oval Office meeting last year told him, 'Never has a country given so much away for so little in return' as the United States in Afghanistan," the report said.
Unless Andanar was just trying to imitate his boss in making his audience laugh, even if some of them were uneasy.
Birdcall-imitating devices imitate the sounds of birds to entice them to come together in large numbers where hunters have placed traps or where they will be targeted by pump action rifles.
According to Laha magazine, Ola stated that it is not in her best interest to imitate Hind since there is no actress that can compete with Hind Rustum and the roles she played.
I use the Blood color and Natural color to imitate bloodworms, switching to the Clear Gold or Clear Violet to imitate translucent worms.