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any of a class of organic compounds that contain the divalent radical -CONHCO-

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Nucleophilic attack of the primary amine to the carbonyl group of the imide ring occurred (Fig.
The coating of SMI-1 shows some larger defects than SMI-2, related to coating strength and imide content.
1] due to symmetric and asymmetric stretching of C = O in the five membered imide ring indicates that the imide ring remained intact in the polymerization.
In addition, they evaluated a methylated SMA imide resin, SMA IQ, which has a styrene to maleimide ratio of 1/2 but has an extra methyl group bonded to the nitrogen atom in the ammonium group.
Characteristic bands for polyimide are imide I(C=0 stretch at 1786 [cm.
As shown in figure 2, this creates a conjugated system via the two aromatic rings, known as a quinone imide.
Base Coat With Terebec Sl 225-40A Chemical Base - Theic Polyster Imide And Top Coat With Ai 1013/Bv/35 Chemical Base - Polyamide Imide .
In the light of these facts, we synthesized and characterized new fluorinated poly(amide imide)s containing pendant phthalonitrile groups starting from 4,4'-diamino-4"-(3,4-dicyanophenoxy)triphenylmethane, 1, 1,3-bis(4-aminophenoxy)benzene, and a diacid chloride containing a 6F group and imide rings.
1] (because of the asymmetrical vibrations of the carbonyl of imide rings and phthalide groups) and at 1714 [cm.
isocyanide or isonitrile ions initially, then to an imide crosslink.
9, which is denoted as arrows between backbone and side chain, and the precise position of the intrainteraction is located between the trail phenyl and the carbonyls in imide rings of backbone.
A rubber composition for a tire comprising a butadiene polymer having a trans-1,4 content of 70-90%, and modified at the terminal thereof with a compound selected from the group consisting of (a) isocyanate compounds and/or isothiocyanate compounds, (b) isocyanuric acid derivatives and/or thiocarbonyl containing compounds thereof, (c) urea compounds, (d) amide compounds and/or imide compounds, (e) N-alkyl substituted oxazolydinone compounds, etc.