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Synonyms for imbrue

to cover with blood

Synonyms for imbrue

permeate or impregnate


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On another occasion when Jephtha was the subject of conversation, his lordship with much good humour suddenly put an end to the argument exclaiming, "Well my hands are not imbrued in her blood
79) The historical groundedness of Spenser's "darke conceit" meant that instead of offering an allegory of justice "coloured with an historicall fiction," he offers a fiction of justice imbrued by historical fact.
In every large city, offbeat movie houses continue to find enthusiastic crowds who enjoy a nonviolent photodrama imbrued with a linear storyline that, basically, mirrors the human condition.
The international rating of Dvorak brings me to a moot point: German or German-oriented musicology is always imbrued with a truly imperialistic superiority complex.
He imbrued the Elves culture with preciousness in the first novel and Jackson realized the author's vision with the beautifully antiquated Hobbit society--perfectly drafted and realized from its circular architectonics to its ancient gewgaws.
A silver'd convex marks each garish eye, Her hideous visage shines imbrued with ink: And as the bramin waves his lamp on high The satisfied adorer sees her wink.
the hand which inflicts the fatal blow is not more deeply imbrued in blood than his who passively looks on'" (13:11).
It is this irony that the adult Apess narrating the autobiography has fully understood, and he emphasizes it when he concludes the story of his first "captivity" with the words: "But the whites did not tell me that they were in a great majority the aggressors--that they had imbrued their hands in the lifeblood of my brethren, driven them from their once peaceful and happy homes.
It is the perception of the future evidenced in the writings of Hayek (Hayek 1960) which may also be identified in a number of forward looking companies, such as those imbrued with the competitive ethic which are, as Morgan notes, associated with the United States (Morgan 1986: 119).