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  • verb

Synonyms for imbrue

to cover with blood

Synonyms for imbrue

permeate or impregnate


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(51) This text, For the Under-Officers and Souldiers of the English Army, from the People of Scotland (1650), warned English troops 'not to imbrue your hands in the blood of the Lords people without a cause.' (52) But its concentration of legal arguments suggests that it reflected the interests of a privileged constituency more accurately than it did those of the common people.
al-Arabi not to imbrue his hands with the Arabs blood, calling him to lead, along with the honest Arab Ministers, the ship of dialogue and reconciliation and not that of war, aggression and internal disturbances.
CONTENTS I Introduction A Background B The Aim of Our Article II Approaches to Overruling in the Scholarly Literature A The Approach of J W Harris B The Approach of B V Harris C Comparing the Approaches III Approaches to Overruling in Imbrue A The Case B The Approach of the Plurality 1 The First Consideration 2 The Second Consideration 3 The Third Consideration 4 The Fourth Consideration 5 The Fifth Consideration (a) Proximity (b) Knowledge of Inexperience C The Approach of Kirby J D The Approach of Heydon J IV Imbree in Context A Summary B Esso 1 Improvement to the Law 2 The 'No New Reasons' Constraint C Brodie 1 Improvement to the Law 2 The 'No New Reasons' Constraint V Conclusion I INTRODUCTION
Never will I imbrue this sword in the blood of defenseless souls.