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Synonyms for imbroglio

Synonyms for imbroglio

an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation


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a very embarrassing misunderstanding

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Here's a win-win for you, as you emerge from the wreckage of the "death by waiting list" imbroglio.
It would be prudent for Kabul to rework its governance issues and let the ballot imbroglio come to an end.
LWIB: Blue Jays Ownership, the Minaya / Rubin Imbroglio, Yankees and the NY Supreme Court, Bonding & Citi Field, Sale of the Memphis Redbirds (http://bizofbaseball.
The prosecution stemmed from their alleged involvement in the imbroglio surrounding Polar Beer that was imported by Fidelity Investment/Kong Inc.
One fact emerges though: nobody in this sexual imbroglio should be left to raise the unfortunate child.
With the continuing British imbroglio in Afghanistan there is understandably a continuing supply of books about the country.
HAVING dragged Holyrood Labour leader Iain Gray screaming and kicking into her corner, little Miss Anne Moffat MP has now succeeded in embarrassing Scots Secretary Jim Murphy in the East Lothian imbroglio.
Be the results of the investigation as they may, what interested me was Southwest's CRM reaction to the imbroglio.
Brown focuses on one geographically limited but highly intractable, complex threat to regional peace--the Gaza Strip imbroglio.
But with an easy command of theory, and through a series of relentlessly detailed yet brisk analyses of landmark foreign policy debates, Silverstone's argument is that the opening in American strategic and political culture that led to the Iraq war in 2003 is best interpreted neither as a kind of hijacking of the media and congressional discourses by militant and neoconservative ideas and individuals, nor indeed as just one more imbroglio in what some observers view as a long history of undiscerning war-making on the part of the United States.
The imbroglio began with the frontloading of Florida's and Michigan's Democratic primaries in defiance of the national party.
Israeli official sources said the Har Homa imbroglio is the result of a decision by low-ranking government bureaucrats in the Housing Ministry.
Yesterday's announcement that the Federal Reserve and four other central banks are offering a new way for banks to borrow is the kind of creative regulatory plumbing we've been waiting to see in this credit imbroglio.
GOODNESS knows how much management time will be wasted on solving the Turf TV imbroglio - as far as I can see, racing should worry about running their own businesses, not that of bookmakers.
Patuszenski, a partner at law firm Goodwin Procter LLP, offered thoughts and advice about the option imbroglio during a February webcast.