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Synonyms for imbricate

place so as to overlap


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used especially of leaves or bracts

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The perikymata, although structures dependent on the apposition of the enamel described in many scientific texts and publications, are not found among the enamel-dependent histological terms published in the Terminologia Histologica or the terms dependent on the tooth in the Terminologia Anatomica (FCAT), and is also used indistinctly and erroneously as a synonym for the imbrication lines (Chiego; Risnes, 1984); the latter is another omitted term.
In building on, while perhaps moving away from, the notion of "controlling images," Nash makes an argument for seeing what pornography makes, what tropes it produces, and what it might reveal of the imbrications between race and sexuality.
Leonardi invokes affordances and constraints as catalysts for imbrications because "[T]he perception of constraints produces a sequence of imbrication that changes technology features, whereas the perception of affordances produces a sequence of imbrication that changes communication patterns" (p.
He touches on the headscarf controversy to illustrate the state imbrications of faith and reason even in French political theology--a substitution made possible precisely by a Durkheimian understanding of "man as both 'object and follower' of his own faith" (63).
Jeremy Korman is a board-certified general surgeon who specializes in today's top bariatric procedures, including laparoscopic gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric imbrications.
Le litige, compte tenu de ses implications et imbrications politico-judiciaire, trainait en justice.
In parallel, Galvis and Singh would have us think more deeply about what (traffic) congestion was and is, how past and present comprehensions, depictions and interventions intertwine, and what those imbrications teach us.
Moyn documents this shift by addressing the career of the well-known champion of human rights, Louis Henkin, and by tracing the initial reluctance of international lawyers to embracing the idea because of its perceived imbrications with anti-colonialism.
These spatial imbrications are multiplied by Thayer's modulated use of flicker effects, vertical roll, and outmoded color processing to recalibrate the image of the original painting into ever new technical arrangements.
Opening chapters review theoretical concerns of understanding globalizing city regions, while the remaining chapters present case studies addressing the role of sub-national formal and informal political actors in global governance, with each focusing on one of three sub-themes: "the diverse ways in which cities and sub-national regions impact nation-state foreign policy; the various dimensions of urban imbrications in global environmental politics; or the multiple methods and standards used to measure the global role of cities.
Given the centrality of Israel's role in the geopolitical landscape, as well as its obvious imbrications within the larger workings of the American military-industrial complex, any text that cogently highlights an alternative narrative at the heart of Israel's national ethos merits our critical attention.