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covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles)

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The introduction's distinctive contribution to an analysis of the complex imbrication of British colonialism with nationalism emerges from the editors' extended critical engagement with Hannah Arendt's evaluation in The Origins of Totalitarianism of "the development of the nation-state in which imperialism is not an external factor or an afterthought, but an integral and internally constitutive moment" (9), a comment anticipated in the epigraph to the introduction, also from The Origins of Totalitarianism: "In theory, there is an abyss between nationalism and imperialism; in practice, it can and has been bridged" (l).
Simon Gaunt's new book treats a familiar theme--the imbrication of love and death in fin'amors--from the perspective of Derridean and psychoanalytical theory, particularly that of Lacan, Agamben, and Zizek.
Lacan would see two different attitudes we can take to the mutual imbrication of desire and the law.
What disavowals with respect to Christianity's imbrication in the Judeocide does the persistent adulation of Barth and his elevation to canonical authority facilitate?
In this imbrication of scientific and popular narratives, simultaneous accounts of feminine neurasthenia and racial disease rescript, as they partially obscure, each other.
Nonetheless, the complete absence of attention to the racialized configuration of the "dark lady" significantly compromises Miller's analysis, particularly since Kim Hall has established the imbrication of gender and race in early modern subject formation with specific reference to Mary Wroth.
Not the least interesting of the latter is the way in which the continual imbrication of plot reflects the generic character of Jouet's text.
How would it be possible for us to recover our commonality, not the ambiguous imperial-humanist myth of our shared human attributes which are supposed to distinguish us from animals, but, more significantly, the imbrication of our various pasts and presents the ineluctable relationships of shared and contested meanings, values, material resources" (Yale Journal of Criticism 2 [l989]: 13).
The catheter which will be launched at the SAGES 2011 Conference in San Antonio in March is the latest development to the Company's EndoFLIP([R])range and is designed to assist surgeons during sleeve gastrectomy and gastric imbrication procedures.
EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti, said formerly that the EBRD is majorly keen in operating with its counterparts in China to test how EBRD and the AIIB can co-finance ventures, particularly in geographical provinces where they have imbrication of responsibilities.
Cela passe par le combat contre les graves carences et distorsions de notre organisation economique et institutionnelle exacerbee par un terrorisme transnational que nous continuons a combattre dans ses nouvelles formes et manifestations resultant de son imbrication avec le crime organise.
Docherty instead argues that culture (that imbrication of politics and art)must always be a journey, rather than an origin or a destination; a critical, rather than mimetic, act.
Lohenstein's glosses function, I will argue, as a kind of textual monument to the complexities of late humanist learnedness and its imbrication with the material realities of central European gender politics in this period.