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For full-thickness and larger single defects, a double-layer closure is recommended with a full-thickness inner layer (including the mucosa) in which the mucosa is inverted luminally with 3-0 absorbable suture in a running or interrupted fashion followed by a seromuscular outer layer of 3-0 absorbable or silk sutures placed in interrupted imbricating Lembert stitches.
A series of seven imbricating thong panties slides down the thighs from the pelvis, mapping out a gradation of grayscale tones, from black to white.
In a particularly neat move, he reveals the way that the relationship between the lady and the troubadour, imbricating as it does power and desire in such a way that each constitutes the other, actually becomes the ground from which Lacan's discussion of the relationship between representation and the Real emerges.
The reader should be warned, too, that theory looms large; some may find the amount of "subtending" and "imbricating" rather alarming.