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Synonyms for imbricate

place so as to overlap


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used especially of leaves or bracts

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Tinea corporis due to Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton tonsurans mimicking tinea imbricate.
The Oberhautchen cells of the microdermatoglyphic transition zone (MTZ) were imbricate and brachylamellate, with echinate apical borders characterized by small (1-2 [micro]m long) spike-like denticles (fimbriae) that lacked pores (Figs.
4 cm wide, imbricate but the rachis visible after anthesis, nervate, ecarinate, glabrous outside, brown punctulate-lepidote inside, margin erose, apex rounded to acute; flowers distichous, erect, (5)15-20 per spike, actinomorphic, corolla helicoiform, subsessile; sepals free, green, oblong, 3-3.
Flowers 85-110 mm long, fragrance not detected, pedicels 23-35 x 4-10 mm, greenish toward the apex, sparsely to subdensely and coarsely white-lepidote, strongly complanate mainly the outer ones and dilated toward the base; sepals asymmetric, narrowly subelliptic-lanceolate, 38-44 x 13-15 mm, erect and imbricate to each other at anthesis, apex acuminate, connate at the base for 3-4 mm, ecarinate, green, glabrous, thin in texture except for the membranous margins; petals sublinear-lanceolate, acuminate, 56-62 x 5-6.
Numerous old workings cross the area and many are focused along regional-scale structures, such as the Lucknow and Godolphin faults, part of the Mullions Range Imbricate Zone.
Clypeus and supraclypeal area smooth and shiny, with few sparse punctures (2-4x PW); remaining areas of face, vertex and gena densely punctate; punctures finer and sparser on gena, integument otherwise smooth; hypostomal area weakly imbricate between sparse punctures.
Anthony Froude (1888) and others normalised the process of constructing a narrative of otherness that would imbricate the region in an alterior sphere, whence it is virtually impossible to escape.
Unless I got every single thing wrong, and something isn't decanting its ocean of heartbreak juice over and through the imbricate seedheads of grasses, through those thousand waving arms, through things on thrones, breechings at sea, oud music, types and fonts, major but mostly minor, noble but mostly base, bituminous and anthracite in the airless dark, phases, tides, witherings and blunderings and burnings-down to the ground, elements, vessels, organs, circuits, the way fiddles finish in scrolls and old scrolls fox themselves to death, fractals, flavors, dryads, trochees, disgraces and insufficiencies, over particles, through waves, through lists, through iambs, through lamb, venison, pork, through Blake and Kit Smart and Whitman and Ginsberg, through secret suffering inward everything.
III weakly imbricate with short setae, bearing 1-2 secondary rhinaria at base; Ant.
According to the International Association for Human Values, trees such as the Iva imbricate, borrichia arborescens and the laguncularia racemosa use only a third of water required by the most commonly used species.
This saxicolous species is characterized by its 3-4-pinnate, paniculate, red inflorescences, with spikes 40 cm long, red floral bracts, erect or sub erect, not imbricate, pedicellate flowers and sepals 3 mm connate.
Metasoma imbricate with punctures separated by 1-3 times a puncture width.
This community type is found along the wade distributed apart from the other communities with the dominance of Haloxylon salicornicum with Salsola imbricate.