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(chemistry) the absorption of a liquid by a solid or gel

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We specifically included uterine luminal contents because fluid imbibition is an important early estrogenic response.
Scaling-up the capillary imbibition process from laboratory experiments on homogenous and heterogeneous samples," presented at the SPE European Petroleum Conference, London, England, 2022 October 1986.
The improvement in emergence of primed seed may be due to the fact that priming induces a range of biochemical changes in the seed that are required to initiate the germination process, breaking of dormancy, hydrolysis or metabolism of inhibitors, imbibition and enzymes activation [1].
Recording only "blotted" weight overlooks the significant role estrogens play in uterine water imbibition, an early marker of estrogen action.
The effect of drying Quercus robur acorns to different moisture contents followed by storage, either with or without imbibition.
Most palm trees do not propagate vegetatively, and the germination of the seeds is slow and heterogeneous, as the protective coat (endocarp) restricts water imbibition, oxygen diffusion and imposes mechanical resistance, resulting in seedling emergence problems that are characterized as physical dormancy (FERREIRA; GENTIL, 2006; MEEROW, 1991; YANG et al.
Priming exposes seeds to imbibition in low external water potentials that allows seed partial hydration [5].
Historically, several candidate systems are available: a vaginal cornification and keratinization response (6), a water imbibition response of the uterus after a single dose of the test compound (7), and a uterine tissue weight increase after several doses of the test compound (8-10).
Wetting of the wood caused the imbibition of its mucilaginous components; the wet wood expanded and cleaved the rock block in the desired location.
On the other hand, the enlarged surface facilitates the seeds imbibition during germination, which might be especially important for taxa with horny endosperm.
Role of the testa in preventing cellular rapture during imbibition of legume seeds.
Increased germination rate and uniformity have been attributed to metabolic repair during imbibition [4], buildup of germination enhancing metabolites [5], osmotic adjustment [6], and, for seeds that are not redried after treatment, a simple reduction in imbibition lag time [6].
Rupture of this layer is promptly followed by imbibition and germination of the seed.
Seed priming is nowadays being extensively used to improve seed germination and seedling emergence in a wide range of crop species (3,11, 12, 13, 14) and is basically a physiological process in which the seeds are pre-soaked before planting which, by itself, allows partial imbibition though preventing the germination (Nascimento and Aragao, 2004).
Priming also causes to reduce the adherence of seed coat due to imbibition, which may permit to emerge out redicle without resistance as Nascimento and West [27] reported that the priming minimizes seed coat adherence during emergence of muskmelon seeds.