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(chemistry) the absorption of a liquid by a solid or gel

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The effect produced by imbibition and syneresis on the dimensions of the impression and on the overall detail reproduction on the cast has been studied with varying results.
gardneriana seeds not subjected to water stress obtained higher germination speed and, as the water availability decreased in the substrate, the seeds needed a longer time for imbibition and germination, evidencing lower germination speed.
The results of the conductivity tests can be affected by water quality, amount of tested seeds, temperature, imbibition time and degree of moisture (Bewley, Bradford, Hilhorst, & Nonogaki, 2013).
Conversely, seed lots with low electrolyte leakage (measured as low electrical conductivity) during imbibition are considered of high vigor (AOSA, 2009).
These processes occur mainly after the seeds have imbibed, when metabolism is activated (phase II of imbibition curve), however before the protrusion of the radical (BRADFORD, 1995).
Rodents treated with PCBs and commercial Aroclors exhibited a wide range of estrogenic effects including precocious puberty increases in the ovarian wet weight and water imbibition [22].
Another technique we are piloting in the Bahrain Field is the Forced Imbibition steam concept for heavy oil recovery in one our fractured carbonate reservoirs.
In this way, the entropic favorability of solvent imbibition manifests itself, as there is no longer as large an enthalpic penalty for swelling the network structure by greater solvent uptake.
2007) determined that the seed coat in Aplectrum is resistant to water, but that water imbibition is needed for germination.
Being an organ-specific autoimmune reaction, a humoral agent (IgG antibody) produces inflammation of extra ocular muscles characterized by pleomorphic cellular infiltration associated with increased secretion of glycosaminoglycans and osmotic imbibition of water.
These surgeries have an increased level of technical difficulty and likely have poor recipient vascularity and graft bed with possibly impaired imbibition, inosculation and formation of granulation tissue.
The effect of salinity on seed germination could be due to the toxic effect of salts on seeds or to the osmotic effect that prevents the seeds from imbibition [22].
It is not necessary for seeds to be continuously imbibed; even a short period of imbibition can improve seed longevity (Villiers & Edgecumbe, 1975).