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(chemistry) the absorption of a liquid by a solid or gel

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The minimum imbibition time was similar for all treatments, although seeds evacuated by fish and seeds with pulp increased their germination velocity (Table 3).
Bewley & Black (1994) reported that the imbibition of seeds starts off with an accelerated uptake of water (Phase I); a physical process that does not depend on the seed viability, as long as there is no physical impermeability.
In contrast, the seeds with previous mechanical scarification did not show an increase in germination percentage when subjected to the imbibition in heated water (Table I).
C, Image acquired immediately following injection demonstrates distension of the capsule and imbibition of PRP by the capsular defect (arrowheads).
Absence of a satisfactory water potential inhibits or reduces seed imbibition capacity, limiting the activation of the metabolism that acts directly and indirectly on seed germination; consequently, this event is compromised (Guimaraes et al., 2008; Colman et al., 2014; Marcos Filho, 2015).
where L is the capillary imbibition length at time t, N is the parameter representing the surface roughness (lower value represents higher roughness), a is the imbibition driving acceleration parameter, [a.sup.*] is the dimensionless form of a, [bar.a] is a deceleration parameter to mimic flow hindrance due to surface roughness, and [A.sub.1] (a) and [A.sub.2] (a) are functions of a.
With the application of large-scale volume fracturing technology in the development of tight oil and gas, the imbibition is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing the recovery of tight reservoirs [1-5].
The bottom of the sample, labeled "B," was the main side for testing fluid imbibition and DI (deionized) water vapor absorption.
Previous studies also revealed that the increase in uterine weight might in part be caused by the fluid imbibition.[sup][21],[22] In the present study, both wet and blotted weight of uterus were increased, indicating that uterine weight was partly attributed to fluid imbibition.
Though no definite concrete viscosity ratio was advised due to different reservoirs condition and water cut, literatures [29, 30] showed low injection rates based water imbibition can be used to stabilize the waterflooding and improve heavy oil recovery.
In general, the technique is straightforward and consists of placing sexual seeds in the middle of two coils prior to imbibition. Subsequently, germination and seedling growth parameters are evaluated.
It was recorded that the CaC2 induced improvement in seed germination was significantly correlated (r = 0.75) with magnitude of ethylene production during imbibition.
The effect of lead on seed imbibition and germination in different plant species.