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As we celebrate Lord Mahavir's birthday, let us commit ourselves to imbibing his noble message of cultivating right belief, right knowledge and right conduct, in order to build a non-violent and compassionate world," the vice president said in his message.
It is small wonder that they struggle to concentrate after imbibing so much caffeine.
The fittest of the fit were to be found in the pool, gym, saunas or playing golf during the daytime hours when imbibing in reveiry was perhaps not on most people's agenda.
Let us call smoking tar imbibing, exercise sexual limbering, swearing sewerage words, mugging cowardly assault, and illegal drugs mind wreckers.
Another researcher of aging, Peter Rabinovitch of the University of Washington in Seattle, notes that adjusted for the size differences, the amount of resveratrol fed to these mice far surpasses what a person would get from imbibing red wine.
The Greeks understood wine consumption as an actual imbibing of the god of wine; the sense of inebriation demonstrated the deity's control over them.
More and more consumers are doing their consuming and imbibing in the fresh (or polluted) outdoor air.
Wetherspoon, of course, insists that the majority of its breakfast-time customers will be imbibing nothing other than bacon and egg, tea and orange juice.
Those imbibing beer pay a 25% luxury tax, while consumers of rum pay 35% and those of whisky, 45%.
Young people will grow up imbibing the official view that there is nothing special about the male-female unit; it will be perceived as only one item on the sexual smorgasbord of life.
266) leads to a description of a depressed and corpulent man, imbibing excessive alcohol to staunch his pains, raging at Jonson's successes while Jonson came at the last to gloat over his rival's demise.
Hailing from Denver, CO, Modem Drunkard revels in the imbibing of sweet liquor.
Editor's note: You can also prevent pets from imbibing beer by using covered traps.
Imbibing a large or concentrated quantity of absinthe, also known as wormwood, can be toxic.
Another progressive three-year-old, Imbibing, who is part-owned by comedian Mel Smith, has been ruled out of the Cambridgeshire due to a setback.