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It is not for them to demean the coveted beverage by imbibing it at all odd hours, as our compatriots do.
'I enjoin you to use the period to uphold the spiritual benefit of the celebration by extending a hand of friendship and solidarity across all divides and imbibing the spirit of sacrifice and obedience to the higher authority as exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim and upheld by Prophet Muhammed.
Imbibing It is small wonder young people that so many young people are fat for these coffees are calorific.
Karachi -- President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistan is passing through turbulent times and the need for imbibing the spirit of tolerance and harmony has never been as great as it is today.
Oh and if you want to get a jump-start on your weekend imbibing, Notre Dame plays this evening.
With devotional music holding a special place in the hearts of adults and children in the heartland, BIG Bal Kalakaar makes for an ideal combination-- imbibing good values through entertainment Sangeet mein Sanskaar!
* Amsterdam's Vesper Bar might be cozy, but it's also known for its cutting edge cocktails--a rarity in a place whose primary means of relxarion involves toking o imbibing. But in case you think drinking is too tame, the bar at Vesper serves up some mind-altering cocktails like Mai This made with rock candy (1) and a roast chestnut mint julep.
I found out on Wednesday, while imbibing a particularly delicious Australian fizz in the gold-medal winning Aussie garden.
Seeds collected from low-elevation sites responded to limitation of soil moisture by imbibing less water than seeds collected from high-elevation sites (Lei, 2007).
It's about enjoying things that give you personal joy, cutting cost without feeling cheap and imbibing style that appeals to you beyond the price tag.
"All four were shy people who bolstered their confidence by imbibing and then making imbibing an endemic ingredient of their lives." Aubrey, a proud Irishman said he sees many similarities between the Welsh and the Irish's relationship with drink.
Gorging on the vast amounts of our money they're imbibing to cover their mistakes, they seem determined to claw back as much as possible.
The fittest of the fit were to be found in the pool, gym, saunas or playing golf during the daytime hours when imbibing in reveiry was perhaps not on most people's agenda.
Let us call smoking tar imbibing, exercise sexual limbering, swearing sewerage words, mugging cowardly assault, and illegal drugs mind wreckers.
Another researcher of aging, Peter Rabinovitch of the University of Washington in Seattle, notes that adjusted for the size differences, the amount of resveratrol fed to these mice far surpasses what a person would get from imbibing red wine.