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98) The imbiber has no right of recovery for injuries sustained as a result of his own voluntary intoxication.
It would appeal to the serious whisky imbiber and casual Scotch drinker alike.
Left out for a few more days, it develops a bite--and rewards the imbiber with a strange and pleasant euphoria.
has developed a technology called "imbiber beads:" According to company president John Brinkman, imbiber beads are the only true absorbent currently available anywhere in the world for organic liquids, which includes gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), benzene toluene ethyl benzene xylene (BTEX), crude oil and solvents.
The federally funded investigation promised to yield insights that would bring badly needed guidelines to alcoholism treatment and perhaps allow clinicians to tailor the current hodgepodge of approaches to the particular needs of each excessive imbiber.
Betts, who first came to fame as the groundbreaking, gregarious Sommelier at the famed Little Nell in Aspen means that literally: "This mezcal conveys a distinct sense of euphoria to the imbiber.
Guests are increasingly requesting lower-alcohol cocktails, as they pair more seamlessly with food, and keep the imbiber clear-headed throughout the evening--and during the drive home.
For, as an imbiber of more caffeine than is good for me, it's my humble view that Starbucks' coffee sucks.
The personification of this is Savennieres, a wine any serious imbiber must try.
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST ALTHOUGH best known as the imbiber of heroic doses of LSD, '60s guru Ken Kesey's study of individualism versus conformity gave Jack Nicholson one of the best roles of his screen career.
Perhaps an upside of this new-found taste for cheap beer and alcopops might be some more left-over decent wine for the more sophisticated imbiber like me.
Surprises lie in store for an unwary imbiber aboard the space shuttle or a future space station orbiting Earth.
Bonny Doon's newly expanded winery tasting room will engage the most jaded imbiber by offering a richer and more complex tasting and visitor experience," said Grahm.
I was going to give up alcohol for February but then it was three days in before I realised it was February - honestly - so that one went by-the-by, although just in case you've got the wrong idea I am not a big imbiber - just the odd glass of wine here and there.
Can I suggest a campaign using the words of that celebrated imbiber WC Fields: "Never drink water because fish screw in it," as a warning to all those teetotallers heading for an early grave?