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More than likely, however, the pyramid or tetrahedral shaped bags, which allow leaf expansion, will continue to catch on with specialty imbibers, if only because we are a hurried society.
Mate is too often marketed with references to providing the imbiber 'energy,' without mention of caffeine.
PS I did eventually become a very sophisticated imbiber.
That's right, clobber the innocent imbiber who likes the odd pint or glass of wine in the comfort of the pub with their mates.
According to Billy, who won the Wines of France award for 1996 for his radio programme The Complete Caledonian Imbiber and who co-wrote the book Knee Deep in Clare with Cailean Maclean, it's wine, not that fizzy stuff, that is really Scotland's other national drink.
No request for an autograph is ever spurned, he always smiles for the tongue-tied fan when a photograph is requested with him, and this imbiber of soft drinks is regularly first in the queue to buy something stronger for broadcasting colleagues who'll never carry their years with the same grace as Trevor.
And although critics at first dubbed their new leader Vlad the Sinister, now they seem happy to have Vlad the Imbiber in charge.
And although critics at first dubbed the new leader Vlad the Sinister, now Russia seems happy to have Vlad the Imbiber in charge.
Take a call from John James, ex-Birmingham Forward chief and legendary imbiber of this parish, suggesting dinner.
However,in the average small family home, it's probably better to have a jam butty eater than a baked bean imbiber.
The two reds and two whites - each of which is a blend of two grape varieties - are aimed at the more adventurous imbiber. The range comprises a 1996 Zinfandel/Barbera (pounds 4.49), a 1997 Cabernet/Merlot (pounds 4.79), a 1996 Chardonnay/ Chenin Blanc ( pounds 4.49) and a rose 1997 Grenache/Zinfandel (pounds 3.99).
That shouldn't be too surprising; artists after all constantly seek solace and refuge from the grey realities of the everyday world and what better place to go, as John Lennon, no mean imbiber of illegal substances himsel once said but your mind.
Sadly, even for a modest imbiber like me, a glass a fortnight is judged to be enough to encourage those microbes.
The door bins are impressively large and seem to have the capacity to swallow a weekly shop for an enthusiastic imbiber of wine.