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Synonyms for imbecilic

Synonyms for imbecilic

having a mental age of three to seven years

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Cool Morag Pirie, the ref, has just laughed off Hetherston's imbecilic remarks and consigned them to the dustbin of unworthy comments.
Sometimes Esiason is reasonably analytical, sometimes he is reasonably imbecilic, as when he mentioned during a Green Bay rainstorm, ``You can't feel it at home, but the wind is blowing and swirling.
Split-screen, player on the left, board on the right, and after the throw it's a cut to the audience to see assembled drunks with imbecilic placards, stating `Come On Raymond' or `I've Got A Bicycle'.
Lately, there have been many examples of the police lavishing taxpayers' dosh on imbecilic cases.
It wouldn't be so terrible if these new hobbyists and their minions simply made imbecilic personnel moves.
Indeed, I once saw the McWhirter brothers cramming 70 children into a Mini, in exactly the sort of imbecilic exploit that the publishers of the book now claim to eschew.
I'm not saying I admired them, but I will say there is something admirable in someone who says 'no, I will make my own way, I won't accept stupid and imbecilic kinds of laws', such as we have in England.
Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon came across as a deranged Dr Strangelove, an unhinged character out of control, when he self-destructed with an imbecilic assault on Ed Miliband.
If you are too dim-witted, or too fixated with reality TV and imbecilic celebrities, to understand the issues that affect every single person in this country, then we should introduce public meetings and citizenship classes which should teach people what each party stands for, and why it matters so much to stand up for what you believe in.
Make no mistakes, it's also a muscle car and the sort of machine you feel safe in when you have to cope with some of the menaces on the roads of Bahrain, although it must be acknowledged that things appear to have settled down slightly since the introduction of the threat of hefty fines for those imbecilic speeding lane-hoppers.
Dumber To also lacks any charm and assumes the audience has the same IQ as the imbecilic heroes.
If as president I am asked what I think about the death of a rock star, or the imbecilic opinions of rich blowhards who own professional sports teams, I will say: 'Americans should have no interest in my thoughts about such things, if I had any.
Another obvious observation that borders on the imbecilic, was the statement that Europe must create jobs.
Cricket fans wait years for a Test match to produce a thrilling outcome, only for truly imbecilic rules to bring the fun to a sudden halt, and people just shrug and say: "Well, those are the rules I suppose.
If stupidity makes you weep, prepare the Kleenex to read the views of the imbecilic Katie Hopkins on Kim Sears.